Mar. 2, 21: Teaching, Solid Game Work, Short Nap, TV, and Games

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I seem to be having some technical difficulties at the moment with uploading images, so not sure if they’re uploading properly or not...probably just set up the basic skeleton and edit later. Dunno, seem to have rendered after a while, maybe I’ll just go with it and keep my fingers crossed.

Up at the reasonable hour of five this morning and for once a full night’s worth of sleep!!!! 🥳😴 I’m still super behind, so I dragged in the afternoon again, but not as bad as the past few days. 😀

Did the usual morning routine. Not a lot noteworthy going on, but Bitcoin still looking more bullish than not. The volumes are incredibly low, though, so I’m not insanely excited. Still, green candles are better than red ones.

Spent some time chatting over on Discord trying to figure out the details of how the new HBD interest system works. It’s a virtual op, so not a transfer from any account, it accrues on any amount held for any amount of time, it requires a transaction to activate payout (but an inactive account will still earn interest on their holdings). The only question I have left about it is: How are they going to pay less than .001 HBD? The code contains no check for this, only checks for interest greater than zero and applies it to the balance.

Sat down, focused, and got some serious technical work done on my game design, not any actual gameplay work (or programming for that matter), but working out what operations need to be performed and what actions, precisely, each operation requires to be completed.

I’m working with the mantra that I write to the chain if, and only if, value is created, transferred, or destroyed...really don’t need to spam the chain with a shitton of JSONs like Splinterlands and H-E do. I narrowed it down to six ops (and maybe one more now that I’m thinking about it again) and a few more to be ironed out, but only internal ops, not written to the chain.

Today was back to school day, so I spent quite a bit of time preparing what I was going to teach and then meeting with the class. Only like four people showed up for Calculus I, but four is more than zero. A few more came to the Calc 2 class, but still not more than ten. 😱

In between classes I started to crash. I set an alarm and laid down for a while. Put on a documentary series about Samurai and ended up being quite interested in it. I did fall asleep, but it was only about twenty minutes or so before the cat came in and started meowing that he wanted his chicken.

Got up and had some leftover pasta for dinner and then met with the Calc 2 class. I hadn’t really planned on it, but we went the entire two hours! Moving around and writing on the board put me solidly over ten thousand steps for the day, so once I got done I pretty much just got ready for bed. Wenche was in the middle of some movie by that point, so having no idea what was going on, I fell asleep right away.

No robbery in my dCity today, but we’re back to crises again. 🤬 Taxes have gone up even further!!! I think this might end up being a viscous cycle, people are getting pissed and bailing, so they increase the taxes to stabilize the price, so more people get pissed and dump...



Not even close to getting my Holybread tasks done today, though. 😢 Just kept getting put up against the same four guys that I can’t beat. 😡


No biggie, I suppose, still holding top ten glory. 💪



I checked in on CryptoBrewmaster once today. There was a good quality ingredient available for all my energy, so just set that to go and forgot about it. I do have enough CBM on the exchange to get nearly two whole HIVE, I guess that will be worth it?


To be completely honest, I’m still in rage quit mode on Splinterlands; haven’t un-rage quit from like two days ago. Salty much? 😝


There’s still plenty of time in the season, so not too worried about it for the moment.

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Dear @definethedollar

You seem to have multiple occupations about blockchaind on Hive, there really is a lot to do here, and for game lovers, there is also a lot. Good luck, I hope you can finally beat those you have such a hard time with.
Yours, Piotr