Mar. 3, 21: Routine, Oculus, Outdoor Putzing, TV, and Games

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Not really much of anything going on today, now that I try and look back. Seems like big chunks of the day are missing...just watching YouTube and sitting around, I suppose.

Made all the way until five this morning, but still another hour and a half short. Just can’t seem to get a solid night’s sleep on the regular. Despite dragging wicked bad in the afternoon, I tried to keep myself going by heading outside, so I didn’t collapse then, but just delayed the inevitable.

Did the usual morning routine. Glad to see some green candles checking the Bitcoin market, but there’s just no volume there right now. It was rising, but continues to be relatively low. Should probably be looking for a spike coming in here somewhat soon...trouble is, what direction will it take? Seems like we’re finding pretty strong support in the mid forties, have to see if we retest or leave it behind forever.

Got my post done, chatted over on Discord a bit, watched some YouTube videos, nothing too exciting. Still, posting and doing all that basically kills the morning, so I grabbed a sandwich and jacked in for a little while.

Got a solid sweat going on Beat Saber. I tried and failed to clear quite a few songs on expert+, but I did complete a couple! 😁👍

Did a little thinking about my game; couldn’t really help it. Not much, though. I got serious work done yesterday, so trying to give my brain a break, got teaching tomorrow as well, need to rest up.

As I said before, in the afternoon I started to drag, couldn’t find the motivation to do anything, but it was relatively warm and sunny outside, so I decided to take the dog out in the back yard, throw the ball for him a couple times, and see if I could find a couple small tasks to take care of.

I ended up doing the first burn of the year. 🔥 Haven’t built up any weeds from this year yet, so it was just the cardboard we had piled up in the garage from over the winter. Went around and picked up a few sticks in the yard and threw them on.

Not really any major accomplishments, but I did get done a couple things that needed doing. Came back in, and between Beat Saber sweat and smoke, I figured I should snag a quick shower.

Made myself a leftover hamburger for dinner and decided to watch a little more of the Samurai history series. Unfortunately, I only made it like fifteen minutes; should have figured. Tried to fight it there on the couch, but out like a light by five thirty.

Wenche woke me up after she got done with work and her “girl’s night” zoom meeting. It was about all I could do to get off the couch, use the bathroom, and then lay down again on the bed. She put on a movie, but I didn’t even make it through the opening credits.

Seems that dCity is back to having a crisis every day. Fun times. I suppose at this point I really shouldn’t expect any different. Hearing more and more people selling out, not sure another edition of cards will be enough to revive it or not.


The income still isn’t right, but whatever. It’s greater than zero, so I guess I should be happy.



I was actually able to get my Holybread tasks done today without too much trouble. 😃 Got more than enough gold saved up at this point, thinking of boosting some stats here soon.


Earned back by number eight spot, out of eight players. 😝 Still, as long as those votes keep coming, I’ll keep trying to maintain. 💪



As usual, boring boring on CryptoBrewmaster. I got a couple ingredients for the day and I finally sold the CBM I withdrew. So far, I’ve made a whopping 1.2 HIVE from playing this game. I will admit, that’s more than I’ve ever made from playing Angry Birds (but then that’s actually fun to play).


Yet another day in rage-quit mode on Splinterlands. Just seeing that I’m worse off for having played pisses me off and make me not want to play. I suppose I need to get over it here soon.


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