Sept. 10, 21: Routine, Oculus, Garage Putzing, TV, and Games



I had had high hopes for today; the plan was to do some solid web work…that, however, did not prove to be the case. 😢

I wasn’t so much tired really, just sorta’ feeling run down. Up at six again and been running about an hour or so short for the last four or five days, which is probably part of it, but my chest/back is bugging me big time.

Did the usual morning routine and cryptos still pulling back. Losing .98 ETH at the moment to put in perspective how much I’m currently down (and not feeling too happy about), still, just hanging on and watching Solana take all the action while Polygon languishes, fucking fantastic!

Got my post done and that was about the extent of my motivation. I did open the computer and start it up, but it ended up staring at me the whole day.

I completed a few more levels of Puzzling Places on the Oculus for what that’s (not) worth, tried to do better on Zombieland but didn’t, and then played through some of the new songs I got on Beat Saber on expert+ but slowed down.

The Model A Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards book I ordered the other day arrived! 😁 It is a huge book with pictures and everything, but it came in three separate parts (different revisions) and a full page of instructions on how to put the damn thing together…took me a good hour to get it done. 🤣

A little disappointed, though, the binder is crappy and doesn’t close properly. Makes it hard to turn the pages and will do damage over time. I think I have another binder, so not a major issue, but for $50 I would have expected better. Still, the information is there, so hopefully it will help.

Was feeling bad about feeling bad, and was really tempted to lay down and try to just sleep, but instead I decided to go outside and mow the lawn.

Went out to the garage and started staring at the car. Spent a while trying to find the nuts that go on the exhaust manifold posts…saw a trick using two nuts to pop a frozen post out. I still wasn’t able to find them, but I tried it on one of the head posts, don’t think it worked at all. 😭. Tried again twice, and failed, to remove the bolt holding the distributor in place.

Used the leaf blower to blow out the garage ‘cause of all the bits of sunflower seeds and crap that had come out of the engine. Decided to blow into the engine with the blower and all kinds of more shit came flying out! 🤬😡😡🤬😭😭 I really have no choice but to take the whole thing apart.

Then, all of a sudden, I felt wicked bad…like super low blood pressure, all dizzy and queezy and shaking. Not good. I barely dragged myself back inside and ate some chips quick and laid down.

Started to feel a bit better and Wenche came home. We had some hamburgers leftover, and she made some tater tots to go along for dinner. Spent most of the rest of the evening in front of the tube watching the new season of Lucifer (yay!).

Forty-nine equals fifty-two is classic dShitty math! I don’t know why they don’t just crank the taxes back up over 100% and be done with it…maybe that 5% will keep the plebs (like me) hanging on?



Another one ingredient day on CryptoBrewmaster again today. I think about it in the morning when I do my post and that’s pretty much it.

Did a couple missions on Rising Star today, nothing major and no real progress. Kinda’ fizzling out on this one now…we’ll see, it’s mainly how laborious just getting logged in is.


Played quite a bit of Splinterlands today…on a side note, went over to the AMA and asked if they would change the airdrop from a claim that incurs income tax liability to stake which doesn’t until unstaked…fucker’s response was “consult a tax professional,” douchenozzle!

Every day I stake those SPS, could have been staked already, but no, it hits my wallet and I have to fucking pay tax on it…he sees it as “giving away money to players” but you’d have to sell (and have a way out to fiat) to have the cash to pay the tax liability he’s fucked us with! Only other choice would be to leave it sit there and never claim it. 😡🤬


I had Fire splinter for my quest today, but I didn’t feel like dealing with it, so changed up and got Death again. 😡 That’s not so bad, but I kept getting all stupid low mana battles which made it super hard.




Got the quest done in Gold I…only a few days left in the season and I haven’t even seen a glimpse of hope for Diamond. Hopefully soon. I did get a nice chunk of DEC, though:


Had our guild brawl and finally got enough to buy one of the Gladiator packs. It’s a little weird, though, since they’re SoulBound (can’t trade or anything) they have no value. They can only be used for guild brawls, so we’ll see whether that’s worth anything or not…get more credits to get more valueless cards? Sounds like a solid waste of time.


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