Sept. 14, 21: Early Teaching, Oculus, Garage Putzing and Car Research, TV, and Games



Woah! Slept nearly till seven this morning! And, with a reasonably early bedtime last night, even with intermittent waking up throughout the night, I got a full eight hours! 🥳

Quickly checked the crypto markets and didn’t find much of anything positive…mostly sideways with a downward tinge. 😢 Been a while since I really had enough accrued to be worth doing anything with on my DeFi investment…just waiting and losing lots of money (relative to ETH).

Got my post structure done and scheduled and then it was time to hop in the shower and head into work. Was a good class for the most part, looking at arclength and surface area, but I did make a couple mistakes. 😡🤓

When I got home I snagged some lunch and then struggled a bit to get motivated. What’s the answer in that case? Of course, Oculus! I didn’t really play all that long, though. Just played through a couple songs on Beat Saber to get a new high score on expert (wasn’t feeling expert+ today).

Still, couldn’t justify wasting the rest of the day playing, so I turned it off…been a while since I did any web work and that’s really what I should have done, but I’m still more or less completely stuck, so I decided I should probably (finally) mow the lawn.

Put my shoes on to head outside AND, drumroll…it started to rain! 🌧 So, no go on the lawn mow. Instead I did some more scraping at the engine of the Model A and at the frozen bolts trying to get penetrating oil to get in there and help break them free. Next step seems to be heat, and even though I got my propane torch working again, I still haven’t had the heart to use fire.

Not too much else I can do with that at the moment, just have to let that oil sit and do the deed and try again…so, of course, I did a lot of standing and staring at it.😂

Trying to clear out the entire area as best I can, so that it’s one project, car parts in that back corner of the garage and not a mix of “oh, yeah, there’s that project to do too” sitting in the way.

I started restoring two matching outdoor benches. One I finished and it’s sitting out on the front porch.


The other is still a pile of parts in the garage and in the way. Thinking it might be a good idea to finish that project as a priority over the car to get it done and to clear the space for the car.

I did get some of the stuff moved and put away somewhere, but as I was working on that, the big 1.5 ton hydraulic jack was sitting in the way as well.

Going to need to jack the car up to fix (and likely replace) all the brakes. It had been quite some time since I’d even tried to use the jack, so I gave it a shot and…the mechanism to open and close the valve was completely rusted solid! 😱

After a moment of panic, having diagnosed what the problem was, I sprayed some penetrating oil all over and tried again…still rusted solid. Let the oil work for a minute or two, sprayed some more, still no motion. At that point I figured I had nothing to lose, it was sufficiently broken as is, so if I broke it more, well it was already broken…sledgehammer time!!!

Gave it some solid whacks with the hammer (definitely harder than I ever would have done had I not considered it a lost cause already), and BAM! It broke loose!!! 🤯🤩🥳

Pulled the shaft out, cleaned it off, sprayed in some lubricant, put it back together, and voila it worked! Very happy to have fixed it rather than having to replace it and throw the at one out! 💪

Looked into the paint scheme…also not authentic. Thinking that even though I can’t replace the entire body, I can at least paint it the correct colors. Thinking all black with the Apple Green pinstripe and tires…thinking that will look super cool.

Also, I’ve decided I’m definitely going to remove the hydraulic brakes and go back to the originals. Turns out that Lockheed had the patent on the master cylinder and Ford refused to pay him for it…in 1939 the patent ran out and that was the first year he put hydraulics in! That piece of history was enough to convince me.

Still, have a long way to go…still in the tearing down phase, but learning an awful lot about the car and the history surrounding it as well as setting the boundaries for how far I’m able to go with it.

After Wenche got home she made yummy turkey taco Tuesday and we watched some more of the new version of young McGyver until bedtime.

Today it’s a Shopping Mall robbery on top of the base robbery of every dShitty day. Still just stockpiling to Solairitas, really can’t imagine buying another card.



Went in on CryptoBrewmaster a couple times today. Got a couple more ingredients as well as collecting and selling the brew I started yesterday. Was just a regular lager again, but I’m over a hundred CBM that I could withdraw.

I did do one mission today on Rising Star, but it’s mostly been lessons trying to get a handle on my Ego again. I had some Starbits saved up, so I went into the market and found some cheaper instruments I still didn’t have. Got a person as well, if I recall…four new unique cards, regardless, hope it boosts my ranking a little.


I got Fire splinter for my quest today, but we’re so close to the end of the season that I decided to forgo the possibility for some new cards today in favor of just waiting it out. It would have been nice to get to the next tier of Diamond, but it is what it is…better than losing back to Gold and then having to play until I get back.


Average Last 7 Days: 14,010

Lifetime Average: 15,467

10k per Day Streak: 120


Longest Streak: 204


Distance on shoes: 659.89 km
Distance on hikers: 64.92 km

#AutomaticWin Tally: 416
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Longest Streak: 53

#TripleTen Tally: 118
#TripleTen Streak: 0
Longest Streak: 7

#DoubleDay Tally: 225
#DoubleDay Streak: 0
Longest Streak: 37

Highest Floors: 120

Highest Daily Steps: 41,528

Zombies evaded: 0/0

Mindfulness Diary:

Health: 70%
Satisfaction: 85%
Energy: 90%
Productivity: 76%


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I accidentally stumbled upon your blog, was confused by the structure of posts... I decided to read one, and I'm interested in your projects with cars, will you post its photos?I would be happy to see :)


Wow. That's impressive how you were able to capitalize on your day and still get right hours sleep. Seven am. I tend to do most of my stuff between midnight and four then pass out. Though I am trying to rearrange that. Thanks for sharing.