My art and my fun day's (and even a #Win too!)

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Hey guys!

So today I want to talk about three things! First. i want to tell you about my art and new markers I got from IKEA! They don't blend very well btu they are still good makers I will show you some of my old art and some of my new art with the markers! Only my favorite ones.

Tis is one of my newest and favruit art piece. I got the idea from shearching on line for ideas and it was the cloud throwing up rainbow! I did the rest with my creativity!

This one is also my newest it just dosent have color. I looked at a picture of it and then drew the Eiffal Tower. It was a bit crooked but if it was the real one it would definetly


And this one is also new I just sketched it and also I practiced a style of faces but I don't know why I did the face crying and zipped mouth... Weird but any way next one!

img_0.6095549876584488.jpg this one I tryed ti do the newyork roads and I think I did the best with the cars and trucks and busses.


I drew my favriut book and I drew the cover its almost Identical see!


This is my very first art piece using my new markers its me and my little sister!


Sorry this one was turned around⬆


img_0.2758396218278761.jpg now we will get to the older stuff! THIS ONE IS THE BEST OUT OF THE BEST I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY ABOUT IT BUT IT IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOOK!


And I had to do youtube steps with this but the next one I need drumm rooll becuase it is one of my VERY FIRST ART PEACES!but first I want to shwo you a legendary icecream! Ok now drum rolll!


thats it for the art the next thing is that to day I got to go skating but... It was to hot so the ice melted and my family got all the gear and every thing... But it was ruined. Btu I had a walk with my friend and J and me wanted ti have a sleep 8ver after covid so we planned it and ya thats about it! Hope you enjoyed my Pictures of art na dwritign have a good evning or where every you are!

Ohhh yeah! And I cant forget! Today I got a #Win for all the walking I did today! Thats 10,000 steps before 10pm! look! 😁



Good job on your art pieces! Your skill has definitely improved so much with all the practice.
Do you remember this one still?? When you were 4 years old drawing on the wall that got you grounded for a week 🤣

Ummmm I think I still remember that... It was pretty bad... But at leased I washed it of the walls! ( I think it still has marks from it.)

That reminds, when I was like nine, I was drawing a bunch of trees on the walls inside my parent's bedroom, I was trying to turn our entire house into a tropical rain forest.


Omg realy!?! Wow Im nine. You must of got in lots trouble! But its nice that you wanted the house to be adventurous😳😆😆😆😆😆

Haha yeah, well, I didn't get in trouble. I guess I was lucky or something. I think they kind of liked the art.

I dugout these too!!! You drew these when you were 3 only! Pretty good for that age!! Oh and you use to draw upside down 🤣 so talented


Oh! I dident know I could draw so good but upside down! Thats a wow! And for drawing that lam! That is so good! Know wonder why when I was 8 I drew up side down and it was perfectly done!

Your first drawing of the girl drinking a slurpy, her big eyes reminds me of Betty Boop who first appeared in 1930 on Dizzy Dishes according to Wikipedia.

Betty Boop & her guitar GIF download.gif

I found this GIF picture on Blogspot

Oh wow your right I checked back and the eues are almost the same! I also wach betty boop! Its a good cartoon!


WOW, that is so beautiful. I don't know how to draw faces yet. I try to draw faces every day and hairstyles too.

Good job. Yes, that cover is almost identical. 😃

Thank you!




You did it! You have achieved an #Win! That's 10,000 steps before 10pm! That's what we finishing your day the right way!

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💨10,000👟 + 10pm⏱ = #Win!💥🏅💥

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