NCAA Men's Hoops Recap 2/4/2020

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Only three games were played in the top twenty five last night. I'd start to cover some of the other games in men's basketball, but there are seriously so many that it would almost be a full time job.

I was keeping an eye on these games last night and I can honestly say that all of them were pretty close at the beginning. There was one point that North Carolina was up on Florida State and I had a little hope that maybe they could get the upset.

The same is true with the other ones as well. If the un-ranked team wasn't in the lead, they were at least in the game. You can see that none of the scores ended in blow-out wins for any of the ranked teams. The Texas/Kansas game was the largest spread and even eleven points isn't that big of a deal.

We have seen teams come back from much larger deficits this year to end up winning the game. Michigan State almost did it this weekend but fell short by one point.

We have five top 25 games on the schedule for tonight.

I will definitely be watching the Penn State/Michigan State game. Hopefully home court will allow The Spartans to recover from what was a devastating (to me) loss against Wisconsin this past weekend.

Arkansas has a fair chance of upsetting Auburn, so that might be a game to keep your eye on. Rutgers at Maryland could be close as well. The Duke game should be pretty one sided, but the Mississippi State/Kentucky game could be closer than the Wildcats would like. Especially at home in Lexington.

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UNC isn't even ranked this year? What happened there i wonder?

I know, it has been totally crazy! I know you have been reading some of my posts, but if you go back and look at all of them you will be floored. It is just nuts. The playing field is so even this year. I have heard talk that part of it might be because so many players these days are only staying one year then moving to the pro's. It doesn't give coaches the time to develop a powerhouse team.