James Harden finalizes his miraculous weight loss journey (from fat to jacked)

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Did you know before James Harden was an NBA superstar, he was once in a sugar-induced coma?


It's no secret that James Harden is a dominant NBA stud.

Some may know that he has not always had his famed beard that has earned him the motto "Fear the Beard".


Most however do not know, that during the off-season in 2015 something terrible happened. Head coach Mike D'Antoni walked into the Rockets film room to find Harden passed out in the floor covered in blood and cocaine. Later it was found out that it was actually strawberry syrup and powdered donuts. He was in a 3-day coma, doctors thankfully were able to resuscitate him.

Harden managed to gain 150 lbs in just one month. This left James morbidly obese, fixing this health issue was futile for the Houston Rockets if they had any hopes of winning a championship anytime soon. So much so that the coaching staff put him on a strict NO CARB diet for the remainder of the summer.


Conditioning coach Bradley Booshid had this to say about Harden's behavior :

James spent the first month of the summer in 2015 attempting to become a respected hip hop artist & eating far too many sweets. He just was not focused on improving his basketball skills like we pay him $28 million a year to do. Instead he was visiting local buffets daily and spending all of his free time in the music studio.


The turn around, no jumper

Thankfully Harden worked very hard until the 2016-17 season started and he lost all of his excess weight. Some would even say he looks even better now than he did before the weight gain incident. Lucky for him, he was not forced to step on the court looking so out of shape. This would have killed his chances of remaining a famed NBA hype-beast. He looked like a totally different person when he was over 370 lbs. Now he's back down to 220 and dominating the game again.


Let this story be a warning to you. Never are you fully safe from gaining weight. Even if you have a fast metabolism, it can always slow down unexpectedly. Do not let your hobbies distract you from your goals.



James Harden and Rick Ross look similar...

Did my post make you laugh? Hopefully you didn't take this one too seriously.
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Ha ha you got me. I was so worried when I read James had turned to drugs, I was relieved to know it was strawberry syrup and powdered donuts. I’m also glad to see Harden’s look alike Rick Ross aka Da Boss has lost 100 pounds. Good for him, he was so big at one time I thought he might explode. James Harden is a great basketball player, I’m happy to see he didn’t let himself go.

Thankfully James is not a drug user, I can’t say he isn’t a sugar addict for sure though. Most of us are.

I remember back in 2011 I saw Rick Ross at an outdoor concert in Ohio and all he could do was stand in the center of the stage the entire show and rap. Of course his shirt was off and he had some sweatpants on, he was literally dripping pools of sweat all over the stage. So yes it’s totally a good thing he’s down some poundage.

It seems James Harden is here to stay, at least until somebody like Rudy Gobert holds him down and shaves his beard off for knocking his Jazz team out in the first round of the playoffs this season.

If Rick Ross could learn from Harden and also become skinny, that would be good of him. Thanks for sharing the story

Rick Ross is already down 75 lbs, and that’s legit truth. However yes I’m sure he could be doing much better. Idk if he will ever get down to 220 like Harden.

lol...thanks for the tag. I really enjoyed that, even though I know nothing about Basketball !! ;-)

Haha I like it.

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I'm glad you're able to handle my wacky sense of humor.

Wow, you saw Da Boss live in concert. I’m thankful he hasn’t dropped dead on stage, he was morbidly obese.

Yessir, with my old friend Steve-O.
Luckily Ricky is still kicking it, must not be eating too much Wingstop.