LA Clippers have plans for a new arena, and the renders are from the distant future

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The Clippers have grown tired of sharing the Staples Center with the Lakers. Check out what they have planned, aliens may or may not be involved.


An 18,500-seat arena/spaceship

Talk about a way to get out of this world players to join your team. Having the newest and most desirable arena sure helps. Plus add in the fact that its Los Angeles, oh and they have both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Who wouldn't want to play for the Clippers at this point?


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26 acres in Inglewood, California

This not from earth arena that has been proposed would have all the team could ever need. State of the art training facilities, corporate hq, sports medicine clinic, community courts, and even a giant big screen outside for fans on the streets to watch the game without having to go inside.


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Looking towards the future

The goal is to have this arena privately financed and built by 2024. It is meant to be a modern marvel, yet comfortable. LA is already a not destination during free agency, looks like things are going to be heating up even more.


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More details

To find out everything there is to know about this new arena visit ESPN


Do you think the Clippers soon will have claim over LA instead of the Lakers?
Leave your comments below, this is #sportstalk after all.


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I’m sure the new arena will be amazing. Prior to moving to Staples Center in downtown LA in 1999, the Lakers played and won Championships 12 miles south of downtown at the LA Forum, also in Inglewood.🏀 I personally don’t ever see more Clipper fans in LA than Laker fans.

Seats are seats... but damn this place sure looks pretty. Just the type of thing to get those suckers in LA to pay extra for tickets. Money money money. 🤑

I always thought it was weird when teams shared the same arena or stadium....

Jets / Giants makes no sense to me either....Clippers and Lakers just seems odd being in the same building....

Good for the Clippers. But hope they never win a title as long as Kawhi is there...Yup, still bitter LOL

I know right, I feel like scheduling has to be a nightmare when you gotta factor in two teams & other events on top of that.

Two of the best teams in the league, I feel like they both need their own damn arena.

woah woah woah that would be the coolest arena of a NBA team if that happens. Coincedentally I also wrote an article if the clipps are the best in the west right now. Looks like not just on the roster but on management as well

I feel like it will end up happening. Clippers deserve their own home.

Nice article btw. Just upvoted.

Yeah, this thing is fire. Ballmer ain’t messing around. Can’t wait to see him singlehandedly create the Clippers Dynasty.

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Ballmer is a baller. This man can make financial deals happen. That’s a great person to have at the forefront of the teams ownership.

It doesn’t hurt that he owns like $42 B worth of stock in the most valuable company in the world, which throws off $550 M worth of dividends at him per year. The man is one of the few that actually needs to look for money-losing businesses to offset his massive tax liability every year from those divvies.

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Looks like he’s found a great way to burn some cash. At least the results will be impressive in this instance.

Yeah, he owns a lot of real estate I’ve heard, due to the massive non-cash depreciation deductions required by tax law.

He could probably finance this arena himself, but will probably only contribute a portion, but then also be willing to take all the expenses for himself (in exchange for the long-term depreciation benefit) and give all the short-term tax break stuff to his co-developers

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Seems like he figured out a way to turn Monopoly money I to real money.


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