Vince Carter will play his final season next year at the age of 42

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Not only will Carter be the oldest player in the league during the 2019-20 season, but he will also be the only player to ever play 22 seasons.


Passing up some legends

Vince Carter was tied for the most seasons played in the NBA last year, with a total of 21. Other players who also had played that long include Kevin Garnett, Dirk Nowitzki, Robert Parish, and Kevin Willis. No other player has ever reached 22 seasons, Carter will be the first. His head coach Lloyd Pierce is only 8 months older than him. The main role Vince will play on the team is the mentorship he will provide the slew of young talent on the Atlanta roster. Carter entered the league in 1998 out of UNC, the same year that star guard Trae Young was born.



Vince spent his best years with the Toronto Raptors until being dealt to the New Jersey Nets during the 2004-05 season. Even now he still can play, albeit not quite the emphatic dunker that he used to be. He's jumped around the NBA over the last few years, playing on many different teams. Including the Orlando Magic, Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks, Memphis Grizzlies and Sacramento Kings before settling in Atlanta last season.


No championship

Carter will no doubt be inducted into the hall of fame, but he still has yet to ever win an NBA championship after all of this time. It won't be happening next season either, as the Hawks most likely will not even make the playoffs. They will be a force to be reckoned with in the coning years however.


Memories from childhood

I will never forget Vince Carter, he was the most memorable dunker when I was growing up. He won the dunk contest in 2000 beating the likes of Tracy McGrady (his cousin), Ricky Davis, Steve Francis, Larry Hughes, and Jerry Stackhouse. It is pretty crazy to watch the superstars I knew back in the day all start to gradually retire.


Are you happy to see Vinsanity back in the league next year for his final season?
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I’m real happy to see Vince play a final year and finish up as a Hawk. Carter was your favorite dunker growing up; when I was young big dunkers were Julius Erving and Dominique Wilkins. That first GIf Dunk you showed of Carter was awesome

Vinny C is one of the greatest. Can’t leave out Dr. J though. That fro alone was a reason to watch him I’m sure.

I used to be such an avid fan of both Tracy and Vince yet had no clue they were related. lol

But yeah, championship or not. Vince remains one of the greats!

Yes pretty wild. Carter and McGrady were both so damn good. It’s pretty wild that they were distant cousins.

We will always remember his jumping abilities and THIS DUNK

We will never forget Vinsanity. He is a legend. His dunks were so powerful and fun to watch.

I love the GIFs you posted!

Hope to see more of Vince carter :), Thats a cool graphic you have there buddy

This is our last season to watch him play.

Thank you. I used Face App to make Vince Carter look even older than he actually is. You know, since he is the oldest player in the league.

Wow thats cool I didnt think of that idea, by the way check my pagebreakers on my latests articles :)

Those are awesome!
Nice job my friend.

Thanks my friend haha but I think yours are way more cooler

We all have our own style. The ones you created are of high quality. I may use them on my #sportstalk blogs

woah thanks that means alot, I always check your sports article and actually looking more on the graphics haha

I appreciate you stopping by to comment on my articles regularly.

You are good with your designs. You will continue to get better with everything they you create. Keep it up my friend.

Hahaha never thought the day would come... It was surely a good run, vinsanity will live on forever 🙌🏼

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It’s crazy to think he’s lasted this long. He claims that he still feels like he’s in his first 5 years. I’d love to know his fitness routine.

Yeah I bet he’s all about that yoga life like you and I lol

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This guy....

Such a love hate relationship with Raptor fans....One side of the coin, love him for what he did for the city and franchise.

Other side, he quit on us....

Urgh whatever. We still love Vince! The Original Air Canada!

Yea I can see where you are coming from.
Can’t deny how amazing it was to have him on the squad.
But damn it sucks when they leave. So hard to move on, especially when somebody equal is not there to replace him. Who tf is equal to Vince Carter? Kinda hard to make that trade ever feel right.

at that time. the trade was as bad as it got. but that’s in the past. we got to celebrate our championship for about a week until the NBA forgot about us again lolol

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Toronto has been through the mud.

You nailed it on his dunking abilities. One of my buddies was always a huge Carter fan but my biggest memories was always the dunk contests.

Thanks bro! All the credit goes to Vinsanity. Dude is a freaking monster dunker. Always will be remembered.

I really never expected he would do one more season. But then, that's the thing with trying to set a record. You keep pushing. his dunks will surely be missed.

He just be dead set on being remembered. The record is his. It will take quite sometime for someone else to break his record