Donovan Mitchell has all the tools to become a SUPERSTAR!

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Anyone who watches Donovan Mitchell can't stop gushing about him unbelievable performance how does it work he who was picked 13th overall elicits so much awe. It's because he looks like that dude the man the Alpha, a star but what does it really mean to look like that dude.

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Let's start with this Donovan Mitchell feels strangely familiar he has so many moves that remind you of other offensive geniuses Manu's euro step, D-wade’s a windmill crossover, Kobe spin move, Nash's wrong-footed scoop, Harden’s step back, Walls cross-court wit pass, Dominique's two footed jump. You need so much athleticism to pull off these moves anyone who watched Mitchell in college knew he had that but unlike a lot of guys who can really run faster jump high, Mitchell has functional athleticism he can leap off one foot or two feet he can jam either leg into you to step back or sideways or forward.

Mitchell working his way to the rim he can stop on a dime and he can speed up to hit the hole he can power through you with his shoulders what a tough shot or tuck the ball in like a running back bitches he can jump lanes to poach lazy passes or he can dislodge bigger guys with his butt so when you watch Donovan Mitchell you feel like you're watching all these other guys he loved all rolled into one fresh explosive package and in some ways he's already ahead of where they were at his age and remember this is a player who wasn't even sure he'd be a lottery pick.

The gesture didn't expect this they figured they'd replace Gordon Hayward by committee turns out they're really replacing him with a rookie they even run the same plays for him it hasn't taken long for the Jazz to maximize Mitchell's talent they start his drives from way back here letting him build up force like a snowball rolling down a hill they also keep him whizzing through a maze of screens using other ball handlers as facilitators take this play.

Mitchell starts on one elbow as a guard dribbles up the floor he loops toward the basket then takes a quick u-turn straight up the lane for a dermal hand off like he's zipping up his jacket if his man falls behind he goes downhill if his man cheats he slides over here for a three if others help he can hit a big with a pinpoint pass or kick it out to a shooter that's why Jazz fans are so giddy, that's why Mitchell's peers really know what's up Utah got a got a jam in heaven sometimes you can just tell by watching a guy that he has what it takes to be a star luckily for the Jazz they found that dude at the perfect time.



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