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RE: Vince Carter will play his final season next year at the age of 42

in #basketball2 years ago

Hope to see more of Vince carter :), Thats a cool graphic you have there buddy


This is our last season to watch him play.

Thank you. I used Face App to make Vince Carter look even older than he actually is. You know, since he is the oldest player in the league.

Wow thats cool I didnt think of that idea, by the way check my pagebreakers on my latests articles :)

Those are awesome!
Nice job my friend.

Thanks my friend haha but I think yours are way more cooler

We all have our own style. The ones you created are of high quality. I may use them on my #sportstalk blogs

woah thanks that means alot, I always check your sports article and actually looking more on the graphics haha

I appreciate you stopping by to comment on my articles regularly.

You are good with your designs. You will continue to get better with everything they you create. Keep it up my friend.