Beautiful and Sublime Sunday

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Joining Beautiful Sunday by @ace108 and Sublime Sunday by @coffeea here. Have a great Sunday everyone.

Showing you all photos taken at the Crocodile Farm today.


A good place to bring the family here. Walking around. Getting close contact with the reptiles and birds and rabbits...





A good afternoon spent with the nature and family. Walking. Hitting my goal today. 💪


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Crocodiles are crazy scary, I definitely would not be getting in snapping distance - even of a toddler. The fluffy bunnies are super cute, but I have this nagging feeling they are waiting to be fed.............

To the crocs 🙈


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Agree... Never play around the crocodiles... They are in the cages... So I am in a safe distance... The bunnies... Are really super fluffy... They have been eating nonstop I think... Coz we were feeding them and I see other kids feeding them too

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That croc looks hungry. I hope the rabbits are not fed to them.

Noooo! Rabbits are not food...

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Thanks for the ☕

Thank you!

You're welcome.