Behind the Photo in a Cycling Race

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Hello Steemians!

Today I tell you about my little trip to the industrial zone last Sunday. With this post, I would like to join the Behind the Photo Contest launched by @nelyp and @johan.norberg . Visit their blog or click on the link to read more about it.


Last Sunday I left home and took my bike to ride towards the industrial zone. Why? Because there was an amateur cycling race, the first of the road cycling year in my province. I arrived in the place a few minutes before the start and I prepared my self. I found a good place to take some shots and I stopped there. I used a hole between the advertising spaces and I took photos from a low position immediately near the road.

The first shot is what I wanted to insert as a cover image.


For the photos I simply used my smartphone: yes, my smartphone. I used only a few times a more professional camera and I don't use it anyway when I use my bike to move.

I continued the morning: the cycling race winded through the city streets making the same lap several times, so I moved in search of the best points from which to photograph the athletes. I found about 5 or 6 more than discreet and in the course of the post, you will see the results. In fact, I want to tell the race by means of the images by collecting them in a visual story and I will leave you the space necessary to enjoy them in a very short time.


Having a very simple smartphone, what I did during the passage of the athletes was to take as many photos as possible in series. Once I got home I made a careful selection and took the best ones to post them on my blog.

I opened my usual platform and started adjusting and resizing all the photos. This time I didn't use difficult post-processing notions. I simply reassigned the black point and added some saturation to all the photos.


I hope you like the result. I wish you a good vision :)

I have a higher number of photos but I had to limit myself due to the excessive size.

All the images were taken and post-processed by me therefore copyright-covered.


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Great photos here my friend and I take it that you did not participate in the race?

I only remained along the road to take the photos. At rest 😉🙊

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Well the photos are great my friend.
Blessings and well done!

Ooh my
I love cycling

Well, me too 🙂

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Well done and good comment :-)


Thank you 😁

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You are velcome :-)

Thank you for your entry! Very nice visual story. Behind, I can see determination, effort, but above all, passion.

Best of luck in the contest :)

Thank you very much, I enjoy 🙂

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Thank you Guys 😁

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Have always loved your entries, good luck for the contest

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work

Thank you very much 😁

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