Supercell's new Rush Wars to Begin Beta test in some areas!

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Super Cell's new Rush Wars will begin beta testing in Canada, New Zealand and Australia starting today. Beta testing is available on Android and iOS. In addition, the official SuperCell YouTube channel revealed a short video of 'Rush Wars' Commanders and gameplay.

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Rush Wars is a strategy game with a mix of offenses and defenses in which you battle an enemy to win a gold mine. The player selects Commanders with special abilities and forms a squad (four players) with other players to attack the opposing gold mine. At the same time, your gold mine must be protected by placing a building or unit with protection.

The commanders revealed through the video are 8 kinds of features, coaches, BIGs, gorillas, boxers, troopers, arcades, and bearmen, but there are more commanders in the game.

Meanwhile, the launch date of Rush Wars is expected to be flexibly adjusted according to game completion. The previous film, "Stars," launched a beta test in Canada, and launched the world simultaneously about a year and a half later.


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