From white to blue belt

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Today I used the last of my trainings I had on my stamp card.

Tomorrow might be a day off and after that I will try a new gym which just opened.

The times are very convenient for me, it is cheaper and I enjoy mixing it up. One benefit I noticed if you go to a new gym is that classes can be very empty which means the trainer has a lot of time for you and sometimes it can be also a 1 on 1 session.

Today there was a guest trainer and we did some really fancy stuff where I do not even know the names of the techniques.

It was a choke and the set up was a bit like a triangle.



The main difference was it was a pressure choke. It was "fun" to practise but it does hurt after a while.

After that we did some rolling in as usual. Also as usual I did some good stuff and more bad stuff but this is why I wear a white belt.



And I feel I learned today. Training was fun the last week which is good as I bitched around a bit in my last post.

Dont worry the bitching will be back for sure at one point ;-)

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I wish I can relate with this properly, but I don't do combat thing. However, it sounds so interesting. Your title says, from white to blue belt, what level would you reach to have a black belt because I think that is superior. Right?

Most black belts I have spoken to trained 8 to 10 years for it.

Wow! A decade. Seems like a huge journey, but the fun would keep moving one forward. Enjoy your skills.:)

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1 !BEER Token for you

thank you

Blue belt is a step up for sure. What is next Orange I think or am I wrong ?

It goes white blue purple brown black.

Kids have some different gradings but I dont know them from the top of my head

When did you start training BJJ?

Were you nervous about trying it out for the first time?

I started in Germany.

I am always a bit nervous when I enter a new gym but I was training Muay Thai at the gym already so I was not this nervous.

MuayThai & JJ?!

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Das habe ich vielleicht mal benötigt aber im Moment eher eins wo drauf steht "Ich mag Burger und Bier" :-)

Vielen Dank

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nehm ich doch auch gerne :-)


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The choke looks like very serious. If it is a ground fight, don't mess up with BJJ experts ;-)

In training, good stuff and more bad stuff both are okay. We can learn from everything after all. Looking forward to reading your next post.

We win or we learn, I like that attitude. :)

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Hey is this BJJ? I actually practice this probably 10 years ago but for a year only I had a German master and he is a former soldier too, he just met his wife in the Philippines so that's the reason I met him

that is pretty cool.

You remember his name?

FALLAY Patrick, he is actually a Karatedo Master but I don't know if he is a master in BJJ

that is pretty cool.

You remember his name?

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Nice. I'm practicing Taekwondo.