brosino ring games.

in #blamebeth11 months ago

#helloworld. Today I played an excellent brosino ring game with Jeff, Hive, Geekgirl and Sarge.
It was nice to play a ring game with more than 2/3 people. We used to play them on lucksacks more often. Ring games are more fun because you are playing with your balance instead of just a free to play. To me it feels a lot more like real poker.
I put in 120 SPORTS into the ring game wallet. So I was down pretty far when I took this screenshot. Of course I ended up with a positive payout from the game XD. Everyone played well. Hive warned us he had to leave early and sarge didnt play with much. So it turned into 3 v 3 for a while. Then geekgirl left and we ended the game. It was really fun!! :) Im hoping we can all play ring games more in the future. #blamebeth


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