Blockchain Based Platforms Are The Next Things

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Internet makes a lot of changes in our everyday life. It has a huge impact on business. With the power of internet, people can do anything. Now if you want to talk about the second generation of the internet AKA blockchain, it is the latest technology that is changing many things around us. 

There are many platforms that built on top of blockchain. Facebook realized the potentiality of this technology and started working on it. We see recently they announced Facebook coin Libra. And there are many institution behind this project. 

Whether you like it or not, this is not going to the backward. We are moving forward. It is what it is. There are impressive platforms that built on top of Steem blockchian. Just couple of weeks, there are huge changes. People are very interested about PALnet, SportTalkSocial, Steemleo, SplinterTalk, Battlegames and Steemcoinpan.

You can earn STEEM/SBD as well as other tokens from your post. To publish your post, all you have to do is to use specific tag. And you have to get an idea the theme of that platform. If you like to play games and want to write about it, you can share that on SplinterTalk and Battlegames. If you want to talk about investment, you can publish your post on Steemleo.

If you love sports and love to share your thoughts, news or anything related to sports, you can publish your content on SportsTalkSocial. You can easily get in touch with like-minded people on these platforms since some of these platforms focus on specific niche. 

Let's express yourself on the blockchain based platforms and be yourself. Thank you very much for reading this. So what do you think about these platforms? You can tell me in the comment below. 

Have a great day!

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