My “first impressions” of the Publish0x platform


My “first impressions” of the Publish0x platform

These days I got caught up with a sense of exploration … Actually, I think I have always been like this, in the most intrinsic of my being. I enjoy exploring new things, even more in the technology world, where everything happens fast and we need to stay updated every second.

I was browsing the internet a few months ago, more precisely on the AlternativeTo site. If you do not know, you should, because it is a site that looks for other alternatives to popular websites and software. For example, I was looking for alternatives to Medium, because my account had been suspended for “infringing on alleged policies,” involving cryptocurrencies.

Anyway, I decided to delete my Medium account. I had tried to get in touch several times, but the support did not answer me any more. I decided to start from scratch on some other platform. I already knew Steemit and backed up my Medium articles there, but I wanted to try something different.

Through AlternativeTo, I found the Publish0x platform, searching for alternatives to Steemit and Medium. The description of P0x itself is considered an agnostic crypto alternative for Medium.

Publish0x Home on Alternativeto:

What is Publish0x?

It’s basically, like Medium, a blogging platform, where readers and writers win cryptocurrencies, more precisely ERC-20 Tokens that run on the Ethereum network. It is important to emphasize that until now, the platform is partnering with ERC-20 tokens such as Hydro and DAI, not making it clear if they intend to expand to other tokens of other non-Ethereum network blockchains.

My Publish0x homepage on Dark Gray theme

Before you start posting to Publish0x, you must request to be an author, fill out a form, and wait for it to be accepted on the platform. Basically, it is a very simple process, if you already have a history of being a writer, more precisely, if you already had a blog, your chances of being accepted are very high.

How do tips work?

Send tip dialog box

From what I understand, the tips you send and receive are totally free from the rewards pool, which in turn is sponsored by the Publish0x team.

In the footer of each article, you have a dialog box, to send your tip to the author. You can select the percentage you want to contribute, being able to send 100% or 80% to you and 20% to the writer. In the future, it is planned that tips can be sponsored by anyone who wants to contribute.


After a few months posting on the platform, I got the minimum for service. But, I confess I did not give myself enough in the beginning. Only now in July I’m more active, posting texts in Publish0x. I could have gotten the minimum or even more to make the serve well before.
To make a withdrawal or check your balance in tokens on P0x, click your username in the right corner> Dashboard> Payments.

My Dashboard

Click Withdraw when you have a minimum of $ 0.50 to withdraw. I applied for my service on July 6. On July 8, I was confirmed that I would receive my payment on the 15th. But, strangely enough, it arrived before the deal, on the 12th, more precisely.

My wallet with the balance received from Publish0x


Well, I found the interface of Publish0x, both for writing articles, and for reading, very minimalistic and I really like simple and intuitive things. It is a platform that is in the beginning, so it has little content compared to other blogging platforms, but the content is not bad, I even get caught up once or twice enjoying the highlights or new content that appear.

The community is very participatory in the Telegram. You can share your texts there. They will welcome you very well, but remember to speak in English, as you do not yet have a large International community.

In comparison to the Steemit platform, we have the fact that there is not a token of its own being used as a form of monetization. Hence the fact that it is an agnostic crypto, it accepts many tokens as a way of monetizing its texts.

My Review:

Interface — 10/10

Community — 9/10

Monetization — 8/10 (I think they could accept tokens from the TRON network, like BitTorrent or other cryptocurrencies with their own blockchain)

Optimization (Website Loading) — 9/10

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