My 2019: Achievements and Failures - My Blockchain-centered Year

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1.0 Preamble

Permit me to start this write with the words of a great speaker Winston S. Churchill who mentioned that: “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts” Source

My energy for career growth, investment and skills development were targeted at the blockchain, as such, my story will be centered here. In life, I have learnt that growth is optional but each time we yearn for it, there is always enough space to accommodate us. I see both my achievements and failures in 2019 as lessons that are necessary to prepare me for future responsibilities.

Looking back at my achievements gives me reasons to continue while my failures tells me that the strategies adopted need to be changed for a better result. I am so grateful to @Anomadsoul for hosting this contest which to me would help us learn from each other's stories.

2.0 My Steem Journey

By January 24, I would have been 2 years old on the Steem blockchain. I never knew the word "blockchain" in my vocabulary until @Tomlee told me about steem. Within these months of my being here, I deployed my research skills to dig as much information as I could which has helped me to be able to know more about blockchain and as well get to enjoy my stay here more.

My First Anniversary post on Steem titled "MY FIRST 365 DAYS ON STEEM BLOCKCHAIN - 24/01/2018 to 24/01/2019" highlighted lessons I learnt, skills I acquired, people I met s well as an overview of the few projects that would drive my stay on this blockchain.

In that post, I expressed my optimism about this blockchain and how I would sync my life projects, my professional growth, business engagements to the blockchain. So far, most of my life projects have been linked to lockchain and we grow them here.

2019 began so enthusiastically for me as I had outlined down my plans concerning the year. Most them were related to blockchain as I had seen Steem as a place where I can link my career, busies and financial life. However, let's discuss the achievements and failures:

3.0 My Achievements in 2019

I have seven (7) BIG Testimonies about my achievements in the year 2019. These achievements were not without hardwork, resilience an consistency.

3.1: Onboarding New Users to Steem (January to December)

Being that I had wished to link my profession, business and life projects to Steem blockchain, it was necessary that I get my friends, customers, clients and affiliated organisations to steem. This was to ease my communication with them especially when it has to do with finances and information control. I have powerfully utilized the "word of mouth" approach of advertisement to tell my friends about the blockchain as my new home and base.

The efforts so far has been very successful as I have been able to onboard over a hundred new users to this platform. That, I have done on a personal prompt having seen the future need for it if I must continue my relations with them. Rarely does a week passes without my helping a new user to join the blockchain.

In this post, I successfully onboarded a film company to steem via the @threespeak platform. I've hosted professionals in my office to talk about steem as well. In all of these efforts, new folks join us and I am excited about that.

With corporate efforts and motivation, I have been a part of some onboarding tasks organised by steem communities such as #hellomassadoption. Below are some blogs to justify my onboarding prowess:

This post was my commitment declaration to be a part of the @steemonboarding contest; this post was a record of my successful onboarding of 24 new steemians in 6 weeks; and this post was my response on winning 2nd place in the onboarding contest

3.2: My New Blogging Gadget

With the earnings that have accrued through content creation on steem, I have been able to purchase some life gadgets. My phone currently used in sharing my videos was purchased in June courtesty of Steem earnings. Earlier in March 2019, I was able to sponsor an alternative energy research with steem earnings. I also was able to purchase a new power generating set for my hub with steem earnings. For me, these are huge achievements I do not take for granted.

3.3: My Affiliation with Telos Blockchain

@Steemchurch which has been my home community here on steem through her visionary leader @Sirknight was a pioneer steem community to secure a space on the Telos blockchain. Within the second quarter of the year, we were busy helping to set up our accounts on Telos and helping onboard others. It was funand rewarding that I could bring as much as 300 new users to Telos and still counting. Getting to know the Telos blockchain has so broadened my knowledge about blockchain and I see myself learning everyday.

In this post, I detailed my enrollment successes as it concerned the @Steemchurch Telos community. The growth in the platform is amazing and quite interesting that we have other steemians and communities getting to link up with Telos. This duo of Steem and Telos has the power to drive the world as we shift into Internet 3.0. I consider it an achievement to also be in the fore of this development.

3.4: New Responsibility in @Steemchurch

Still within the early days of the third quarter of 2019, I was named to assume leadership of the Nigerian parish of @Steemchurch, to coordinate the activities of members. It's no mean honour to have that as part of my curriculum vitae as it has to do with my blockchain engagements.

@Steemchurch is a Steem community of no mean repute. Connecting four countries of the world- Venezuela, Nigeria, Ghana and Philippines is a huge responsibility and a unifying factor for the steem blockchain. In all, love has been shared to all at no cost.

Amazingly, @Steemchurch has grown on Telos blockchain with multiplied blessings to our parishioners. i shared in a post few days ago while commemorating Steemchurch's second anniversary, how much growth we have attained and the blessings shared to humanity. I am proud to be in the lead team making this to happen.

3.5: Scaling Content Creation to Videos, Top 30 Creator on 3speak

For over a year and about seven months of being on steem, I use to appreciate video contents but I could not share mine due to technical setbacks I had. With the advent of 3speak, I became a video creator and today I'm ranked within the top 30 video creators on 3speak.

That is a huge achievement for me. This is because, for two times I have been able to use @threespeak stake to reward my commenters to the worth of $66 put together. This is only enjoyed by the top 30 video creators on 3speak. This has helped me to develop self-esteem and compere abilities.

3.6: Engagement with Steem-engine Tribes, 1 Million SPORTS staked

With the development of Steem-engine, I as usual, tried as much as I can to learn about the development. This led me to becoming an investor in some of the tribes such as #sportstalk #marlians #dblog #leo #pal, etc.

Holding some good amount of tokens in some tribes makes me feel like a whale on Steem. Just 5 months into engaging the STeem-engine tribes, I have become a holder of over a million SPORTS tokens. Indeed, a dedicated account for#sportstalk curation has been created - @uyobong.sports. This is a huge achievement for one who started steem journey with no dime, now becoming an inverstor and curator.

3.7: Getting Motivated for MEGA Promotion of Steem, Telos in 2020

Promoting Steem has always been my watch-activity because I know that the health of steem would certainly favour me. I have put forward several promotional strategies that have been so successful and would bring great results in 2020. Some of the activities include:

  • Hosting meetups and training .
  • Receiving Steem as payments for services in my Creative Hub in Nigeria.
  • Sponsoring essays in schools, with steem.
  • Printing of branded materials to promote steem - see post
  • A callout to MTN, Nigria's biggest network provider to join steem - see post
  • Launching a campaign to bring the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL) teams to Steem - see post
  • Frequent promotion of @sportstalksocial on Twitter.

4.0 My Failures in 2019

Just as Winston S. Churchill was quoted in the introduction of this blog, "... failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts”. The failures I had in 2019, were only an eye opener such that I should change my strategies for better results.

4.1: Financial Targets failed because of Steem Price

The falling price of Steem from about $0.5 in the beginning of the year to its current $0.12 was a big punch to me. My estimations and proposal which were based on the $0.5 price all got crashed. I am currently undertaking a development which will leverage steem. The project was stalled and our planned launch as at June 2019 failed. I am not giving up, as each passing day helps me learn more to make the dev more formidable. Moreover, I have learnt not to make budgets with the price of cryptocurrencies. @Writeandearn and @Steempreneurs projects have been put on hold because I fell short of financing.

4.2: Inability to Reach 5,000 SP

My second failure in 2019 is my inability to reach my target 5,000 Steem Power at the end of my secong year on steem which is about 37 days from today. This is because I made more frequent withdrawals of Steem which was meant to have been powered up.

5.0 Conclusion

I wish to conclude this write with these quotes:

  • “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb Source
  • “Success isn’t about how much money you make; it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.” ― Michelle Obama (2012)
  • Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving toward your goals” – Anonymous Source

Within this year, 2019, I have learnt the power of collaboration and I'm making the post of it in 2020. I am already seeing myself successful in 2019 despite the challenging situations because the lessons I learnt are monetarily in-quantified. I have given myself to ensuring that I empower people by sharing knowledge and giving.

Finally, I am so resolute to look back. 2019 has been the best year so far while I look forward to a better 2020. Already, my goals for 2020 are set and they are high. I won't stop till I get there.



Very good lesson @uyobong really what we do is learn what will be the step that will give us the impulse to achieve what we want, perseverance is essential, and unwavering faith.


You know one irony about life I actually resteemed this post but never got to read it.
I actually decided to go through it today, and it like a whole project work because of how long and voluminous it was.
Felt reluctant at first but thanks to God that I was able to read through.

Your achievements are wow, its enough to jerk a lazy person back to action.
In all I see perseverance, I see consistency, I see commitment, I see diligence, I see patience, i see passion, I see a whole lot of things.

I pray you onboard and fulfil more come year 2020.
Thanks for setting the pace and I hope people like us will stand up to work.

My 2019 would have been a whole lot of mess without people like you.
I know I have lost a whole lots of opportunities this year due to procrastination, believing in the "I can't" syndrome, but I pray God helps me next year to claim territories.

All the same thanks for this Post.
I am indeed inspired.
I will do better next year.
So help me God.

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