Panini NBA Hoops packs 2019-20 packs. Are they worth it?

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I broke 22 five-card retail 2019-20 Panini NBA Hoops Basketball packs to see if they’re worth buying. The consensus is that the NBA Hoops are your low end cards ‘for five year olds’.

These retail for $6 for a pair of five-card packs and are the Australian exclusive packs which include a neon green parallel in each pack on average. Out of 110 cards I got a couple decent hits but are NBA Hoops worth the money?

NBA Hoops have a bad rep especially when you compare these against your other Panini products - your  Mosaics, Noirs, Court Kings, Spectras, Obsidians and National Treasures

They are a very basic set and their designs aren't as complex as the others. Maybe for those Marie Kondo minimalists out there this may be the card for you.

They've got a stigma attached them them - ‘for five year olds’ people say, which may be because they’re so simple in design

I came across these at my local Target store and bought 22 5-card packs for $72 - $6 for every 10 cards.

It’s so hard to find any cards at retail at the moment in any shops so I couldn't wait to get these home and open them up just to open anything

Panini Hoops retail set is made up of 300-cards. There are 280 base cards and 20 tribute base cards. You won’t get the autograph, inserts or parallels in the retail packs which you get in the hobby boxes.

The highlight of the packs are the Neon Green parallels. On average every pack will have a neon green, an exclusive to Australian packs.

Your Zion greens are going for around $100 Australian and Morant for around $40-$50.

So are NBA Hoops worth it? Let’s check out the stats below.

Of the 22 packs there were 110 cards

I hit 29 rookies which is a 26% hit rate (scored a Ja Morant tribute and RJ Barett tribute neon)

From 22 neons, 36% of those were rookies (8 cards)

Was it worth the $72? Well I could sell what I hit for around $50 today so I’d lose $22.

You’ll definitely get better value in going for your other Panini products like I mentioned being your Mosaics, Noirs, Court Kings, Spectra, Obsidians and National Treasures.

In my opinion though it was worth the chance and the thrill to try and hit a ZION or Ja Neon Green. 

To put it into context, it's hard to get any retail packs so just to get some packs in the current market was worth it for me, just for the love of collecting and the thrill of opening packs.

I’ll be holding onto these cards anyway to see what these rookies can do next year and will go from there.

Peace out.