2019 PBA Pro Shop Classic Stepladder Finals

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afternoon of the 12 play there were some right handers that were trying
to go to all the way to Dover to get a good lookand he pretty much
stayed there he did and and you know he is a shot-maker despite the
fact that he is a full roller he uses basically half to maybe a quarter of
his thumb but he's very good at staying up the lane despite his heavy
roll in his big reverie and Ryan of course the 2015 US Open champion
so we've got two major champions face to face in this opening match

for the winner taking on Zachary Wilkins all Ryan had some big games
as well as you alluded to he's had some a lot of success in this building
it is a place that has a little bit of friction fifteen-year-old HPL surface
here so moderate friction the SPL is much more friction than that but
that allows Ryan to play to his strengths which is really high ball speed
with that high reverie looking for his first title since 2016 and wrap around
seven bad break there for Ryan yeah that's tough there and we didn't see
hardly any of that last week in Wilmington while the pattern seemed like it
was a little bit tougher there the carry was superb in that building and so
it had led to score seen seeming like they're a little higher than they been
they should be here was pretty much the opposite where the carry was a
little bit tougher the parrot affairs and how guys play them mate the lanes

very tough going across the house ciminelli has not really had a big year
on tour he was with the winning Portland Lumberjacks in the PBA
League but he had a rough start to his season his best finish 16th and
that was in doubles his best singles finished 20th on the two ago bowling
tour that was at Lubbock in January he did Bowl three regional events
April May June and finished in the top five or better in all of those I think
this right lane will be the key for Tom Smallwood no he hates it and he
knew right away that that was not his shot well several of these right
lanes as we are as we got in the middle of the center were very tight
down lane even on the apologize for any technical issues we've had
we are here the gene Carter Pro Shop classic the first of our stepladder
games Ryan ciminelli and Tom Smallwood and Ryan ciminelli for

the strike always worse a winner last year at PBA players that
controversial shaving cream finish that sent first book all goofy
remember that yeah man what I wasted the time that was a great
example of a detriment for society yeah worried about things that
just don't matter it wasn't overly irrelevant debate John been he
has come out and giving him the Barbasol salute and before the
match was officially