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If you are fond of this sport then you will know that the fans of this sports are present, but it is very interesting and you will also know that this sport is very popular in sports and women as well. He likes it very much, just a short time ago there was a tournament in which you will get to see that women can also play a good game and that too is not less than anyone and in the coming days we will chance player will see that playing a good game of good will prove his art, we will come and also bowling sports progressed as expected
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we are just moments from Connecticut's capital city silver lanes in East Hartford Connecticut time to resume the
2018 PWD a tourist season on CBS Sports Network five of the world's best polo is set to compete for a Tour title at big prize money this is Dave Ryan one stop by a tourist or broadcast partners Hall of Famer Kelly Kulick and major champion
Stephanie Johnsonwe have stepladder going here tonight we start play with a 5c two-time Queenschamp Dinah's olive against the four seat Maria Jose Rodriguez of Columbia thewinner takes on our third seed 2018 - Rookie of the Year George Richard climbing the ladder to the second seed Jurgen / blur off Germany our top seed ranked player of the year Shannon O'Keefe looking for a third title of the season it was just last week she teamed up with our Stephanie Johnson to win the Pan Am Games doubles gold medal in Lima polar what a moment for these two great bowlers representing our country now Stephanie joined by Shannon with some very special hardware Shannon you may reduce the hardware that's hanging on my neck we are fresh off our week in Peru how do you think that catapulted you into being the number one seed on today's telecast as so much of it has to do with you you are my best friend you're my sister and working with you to win doubles gold was a dream come true and you gave me so much confidence that the information that I was giving you was correct which gave me confidence and knowing what I was seeing and what I was doing what's it gonna take for you to take home number title number eleven today well 11 is your lucky number and
so for me it's just focusing on controlling what I can control and execute all right David Kelly back to you all right Steph Janet thanks so much future of his board foil pattern Kelly Kulick let's check out our conditions here time thanks Dave ladies my Bold on a 41 foot pattern medium volume and medium scoring pace you'll see right here the rule of 31 says the breakpoint is going to be about 41 feet the straighter players were right around 10 or 12 on the track the hook players<