Will It Be Another Shock?

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This Saturday marks the second fight between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jnr also known as the "Fat Mexican." No one gave Ruiz any chance as he doesn't look like an athletic specimen compared to the muscular body of Joshua. Looks can be deceiving though and people were left shocked after what happened in the first fight.

I don't think the second fight will be any different if I am going to be brutally honest. Joshua looks the part and talks the talk, but has a glass jaw. I you can't take a punch then you wont amount to much as other boxers now know your weakness. Joshua was put onto the canvas 4 times and was saved from a fifth by the referee.

I watched the fight again tonight and it wasn't even close. This was a hiding and so one sided I can't see Joshua winning the rematch. Joshua can train as much as he likes but if you can't take a punch then there is no point. Ruiz knows this ad only has to land a few combinations and Joshua is right back to where he was in the first fight.

Joshua seems like a nice guy, but he is no heavy weight champion. Frank Bruno had the muscles and that is all he had and failed miserably against decent fighters. Joshua is in the same bracket as losing to Ruiz was not meant to be part of the script.

Boxers are protected so much by the various promoters it is hard to see who is fake and who is real anymore. The Klitchko brothers were a joke along with Tyson Fury and now we have Ruiz who doesn't fit into the mold of a true heavyweight in what we would think.Muscles don't knock people out especially if they are the fake show ones gained from using steroids.

I am not saying Joshua has used steroids as it is possible with the correct training and nutrition to look like that, but he packs no power. Ruiz rode a few punches and was dropped once and that was the start of Joshua's downfall. The only way Joshua can win this fight is by knocking Ruiz out early on before Ruiz lands anything telling on him. Joshua can't take Ruiz's power and this should be interesting to watch.

Boxing is a sport I used to love and would stay up till the early hours watching a title fight ,but have no interest anymore. Promoters and over hyped fighters have wrecked it and why I find it refreshing to see someone given no chance, bully and out box the fancied opponent. This is a promoters worst nightmare as this was not part of the plan.

This fight is crucial for Joshua as if he loses what is his next fight? He literally can't afford to lose on Saturday otherwise his career is in ruins. He is desperate and another reason why I don't see him lasting the distance.


The match is quite unpredictable but I think now Joshua will be better prepared and he'll be wary of what Ruiz can do, mind you Joshua is scared currently because losing twice will be a disaster for his career, so I think he'll be wary.

Should be interesting either way as how will Joshua take a solid punch from Ruiz. I have read that Joshua is leaner and stronger than before and don't expect Ruiz to have changed that much. The only problem I see is how he takes the first few punches and if it effects him like before. He is definitely scared for this one as he was thrashed in the first fight.

Definitely, but I think it'll be evenly matched until someone between the two of them does something audacious to win

I've got Joshua in this one. He is the better fighter and this time he won't underestimate his opponent.

You are definitely right. I wouldn't say he is out of shape because I am sure he trains much more than I do, but he definitely isn't the body type you would expect for a boxer. Everyone has a plan until you get hit in the face. Didn't Tyson say that?

The Roy Nelson of the boxing realm. love it!

I think in the first match Joshua underestimated Ruiz and that was his undoing as he could not stand the heavy punches of Ruiz. But i expect Joshua to come out on top in the rematch giving that he has enough data from the last match to study. He should by now know the best way to approach the game

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Am picking Joshua to win this considering what is at stake here, a lost may mean the end of his career or the beginning of the end but to be frank Ruiz is not easy opponent and he will want to prove that the first fight was not a game of luck on his side and he has more competitive experience and winning than joshua and this may come handy.

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