Feeling old? Age doesn't matter AT ALL if you want do sports

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Sometimes we believe all the weird excuses we keep telling ourselves that freeze us and make us fall in a state of paralysis, and one of the most common is age. I am too young, too old oh poor of me.

These two free spirits I am going to show you, have taught me a very important lesson.

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Photo: Hubert Cecil

Artwork: By me

Nigel Benn


"The Dark Destroyer" was the nickname of this British professional boxer who held world championships in two weight classes, including the WBO middleweight and the WBC super-middleweight. He also held the Commonwealth middleweight on his region. His aggressive fighting style and a formidable 83.3% knockout-to-win ratio made him one of the best British fighters.

As if his achievements were not good enough he is planning to return to boxing at the age of 55 something very shocking even for the "fittest 55-year-old on planet Earth" as his promoter and friend Mark Peters claims

Wang Deshun

Ambassador for several brands, actor and model, this 80-something years old Chinese man is a living example of how preparation, practice and perseverance can create an amazing life.

His journey of constant reinventions have allowed him to live many lives.

See it for yourself

Can age be an excuse to do sports?

Thanks for reading.

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droppin you a line this post is about to get dropped in my newest curation nation post, love it!

I love that you love it!

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Sports is the secret recipe to a longer life :). How are you buddy?

I am doing goooooood :).

Yeah sports is such a vital part for our lives. I don't think is that secret anymore but what I think is kept as a secret is the way to incorporate it in your life, you know, like truly having the desire to stay fit, train and have a healthy life, I think the willpower is the hard part.

You hit right in the bag!