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In my last boxing post, I wished Andy "the Destroyer" Ruiz Jr. luck in his bout with Anthony Joshua in the Land of One Thousand and One Nights. Unfortunately Andy did not win that epic fight in Saudi Arabia, but he also was not knocked out like Andy did to Joshua in their first fight.

Andy offered a few reasons for his loss, while also leaving out other undisclosed reasons that led to his loss. No excuses, Joshua was the better fighter that night. Andy took his loss on the chin, and vows to make a stronger return in his next bout.

Stay up Andy!

Avengement by the Fire of Desire

Boxing life continues on to the next challenge, and the boys at Team Savages are bringing a little behind the scenes video with Lions Only Jermell Charlo. Jermell is the younger brother of the dynamic duo boxing twins known as the Charlos Brothers. Jermall, the older of the twins, is currently an undefeated 30-0 and holds the WBC Middleweight Interim Championship Belt.

The younger twin, Jermell Charlo 33-1, is looking to avenge his only and controversial loss against Tony Harrison (30-2). In their last encounter, Harrison walked away with the WBC Light Middleweight Championship Belt under a very questionable Unanimous Decision against Jermell Charlo. The fight was a close battle, ultimately leaving the decision in the hands of the judges. All three judges gave the decision to Harrison by a wide margin, leaving many boxing fans who saw the fight to once again question the competency of these boxing judges and the legitimacy of the sport of boxing.

Jermell took the loss very hard. Many ridiculed Jermell for his emotional state in the post-fight press conference, but what you can't ridicule or question is his desire to win and his disdain of losing by such a controversial manner. Jermell's fire has been fueled by this loss and he vows to engulf his opponent with the fire in his hands.

The fight will be on December 21, 2019 at the Toyota Arena in Ontario, CA.

Here is a link to the Behind the Boxing Scenes video with Lions Only Jermell Charlo brought to you by Team Savages.

Jermell Charlo Boxing Work Out Video

Any boxing fans out there? Who do you got for the win?

I put 10 Steem on Charlo, any takers for Harrison? Winnings to be sent to a Steemian or Steem project of Winner's Choice.

Let me know.

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