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Dreams Come True in the Land of One Thousand & One Nights

Andy Ruiz Jr. made his dreams come true on June 1st, 2019. The Champ made life changing boxing history that day, turning a life long pursuit into reality.

Win or Lose, Andy will now always be a Champ, but in my opinion this is Andy’s fight to lose. Anthony Joshua hit Andy with his hardest punches and Andy took them all and still kept coming forward. Mentally this has to weigh heavy on Anthony Joshua.

Inside Scoop -

From first hand knowledge, the word is that Anthony Joshua has a very nervous look in his eye. This little birdie even says that Joshua didn’t want the rematch this soon. The little birdie flew all the way from Saudi Arabia to fill me in, and now you know too!

Go “Destroyer!”

+++ @streetstyle

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Buenas amigo,mi saludo y aprecio,feliz tarde noche del Domingo

Going to Saudi Arabia with that fight is
some greedy BS...
Saudi Arabia, with their death penalty, that
killed 37 people on one day this year... mostly
regime critics.
Now they try to "polish" their image.
This event should become an embarrassment for
anybody taking part.

Oh and I see u live in Germany.... u still live there??? Isn’t this like the teapot calling the kettle black??

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You have a point, but then there be nkthing anywhere. The USA has killed Millions (just think Nagasaki and Hiroshima). Think American Natives too. England....ppffffssst....even the Vatican with 0
Yearly births kills...
I know where, The Moon or Antartica!

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No, the moon neither... didn't you hear from David Icke, that it's a
spaceship from the greys ;)
For sure , concerning this point, they could fight prob. nowhere...
Just go to someones hometown, right..?!
So Cali or London...
That is the joke about Saudi Arabia.
Money over everything.

Hi @streetstyle , Well, you already have first-hand information.
I take the opportunity to greet you.
Blessings dear friend :)

Hello @martha75 Thank and take care.

Take care of yourself too :)

Suerte @streetstyle en su pronostico apoyando al campeón Andy Ruiz Jr

time to be a champ again : )

Amigo buen dia,esta apoyando al mejor,espero su pronostico no caiga,saludos y muchas gracias

Go champ!

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This is a lovely post!