I won 10 Steem!

in #brosino10 months ago

#helloworld. I won 10 steem playing brosino no limit hold em!
This was a tricky game towards the end. This is what I call the "winners circle" meaning there are 4 of us left; and the last 4 players win. you can tell this was a freeroll with a lot of players because all 4 of us have so many chips.
The final 4 match was difficult! It seems like I would easily make first place with such a big head start; but i actually only made fourth place! I was up against some really great players This was a special game worth 100 steem! Four winners split the money on a spread. I won 10 steem for making 4th place. not bad at all. Now im beating #beth on the steem leaderboard.