Back pedaling?

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Good morning,
So its Sunday, not as cool as #davedickeyyall 's "shut the fuck up saturday." Seems like Sunday is always a catch up day for me. I feel like I am constantly back pedaling. So a day or two ago Alaska burned her tail. I have to say she didn't care, she didn't even cry but "damn dog really."
I have no picture but you can imagine burnt fur yuck.

So I am starting today with much needed coffee.


Actually I started before coffee. Alaska gets to go and spend the day playing with her kind. We are trying this canine fitness place, complete with massage and swimming pool. Ok really just swimming pool.


So today is a busy busy work day but it is also the bronco game. We play the chiefs at 11 am. As I sit here and write this post we are expecting snow today but this is the look.


Flip flops, shorts and most important, orange pride.

Let's go Broncos!!!!!!


As I drink my second cup of coffee today, I can't help but think about my daughter Maya. She works for Starbucks, and soon will be eighteen. She is an amazing young lady with a huge heart. She has been in a lot of my thoughts and dreams lately.

Have a great Sunday. Let's go Broncos!!


Aw well that sounds like a good Sunday for sure. For your sake and @broncnutz I hope Denver wins. Actually, I should review double d’s nfl spreads and get in on the action. Maybe I will pick Denver and root with you.

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@bethvalverde, In excitement sometimes Dogs take wrong steps, but at the end of the day they are adorable creatures and best friends of Human Beings. Stay blessed.

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Awwwww <3 our kids will always be our babies. I hope you see her soon so you can get to feeling better. On an up note, that coffee , I need!!! Lolol. Just wanted to pop up and say hi!!

I wasn't going to bet on this game due to the fact that both teams would be an even match I think. So betting on the winner would be difficult. Plus I was dumb enough to take Dave's advice and bet on the Fudge Packers.

Ha ha, I missed @davedickeyyall’s new tag. Sounds like him! Bummer about Alaska’s tail! I hope she is okay.

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