Bozzlife: Fantasy Football Draft Results

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Exactly a week ago I wrote this post about the fantasy football season starting.

I promised that I would reveal the results of my draft results in a later post and this is that post.

Overall, I am not really that happy with the results. I made it a point to go into the system ahead of the draft and rank some of the players that I really wanted to have on my team.

Even though I took the time to set up those rankings, I think I only got about two of the players that I was hoping for. I am not sure what position I was in the draft, but I feel like with there being only eight teams the odds should have been a little more in my favor.

I know for a fact that @mrsbozz had some pre draft rankings setup of her own (because I did it for her), and I have a feeling two of my brother's in law probably had their own rankings set up.

The other four "coaches" probably didn't even bother to look, so again, I am not quite sure why my draft turned out the way it did.

Losing in Fantasy Football is pretty familiar to me, so despite my draft, I plan on doing my best to try and turn that around. I have no doubt my team at the end of the season will look nothing like my current one.


Since we have so few teams in our league, we opt'ed for a really offense heavy roster. A Quarterback, three wide receivers, two running backs, a tight end and a flex position should give us each plenty of opportunity to rack up the points.


If you are an Eagles fan, you might be excited to see that Carson Wentz is my starting quarterback. I am a bit on the fence with that one. Since he sat all or nearly all of last season with an injury, it could be a slow start until he gets back in the swing of things.

I could play my backup quarterback Dak Prescott, but quite honestly I hate the Cowboys and he is so hit or miss that I don't know if I can count on him. Plus a large portion of their offense rests on running back Ezekiel Elliot which means the quarterback gets few points anyway.

Personally, I wanted Mahomes, I had him last year and he was fantastic. They might be gunning for him this year, but I have a feeling he will hold his own.


I don't remember who my pre-draft wide receivers were, but I am pretty positive it wasn't any of these guys. I am not too worried about Stefon Diggs being questionable, Sunday is several days away and since I don't have any players playing in the game tonight, I have time to make some moves if necessary.

Calvin Ridley could be a decent pick, but I know there are some other players in Atlanta that tend to get more touches. I have a feeling there might be games where he gets a lot of points and others where he gets practically none.


This is another category that left me pretty bummed. Kamara from the Saints has been a beast the past couple of seasons, so he was probably the first one I added to my pre-draft rankings. Sadly he went to on of my brother's in law.

I was able to get Le'Veon Bell, so I am kind of excited about that. He was also off all last season due to a contract dispute (or whatever you want to call it). I am hoping he is ready to start the year fresh and he used the time off to condition and hone his skills. I've been a fan since he played for Michigan State and he really can do some phenomenal things when he has the ball.

Kerryon Johnson might be a laughable pick to some of you but since he plays for the Lions I got to see a lot of him last season before he got hurt. As long as he stays healthy I think he has a lot of potential and given their track record the Lions need all the big play makers they can get.


Tight ends are going to be tough for me this year. I have two really great ones and only one flex position. Kelce and Kittle have both made a name for themselves at that position and I have a feeling there is going to be more than one week that I will wish I had sat one and played the other or vice versa.

All the rest

I've seriously never heard of my kicker before. I know that Houston has been building a good team over the past couple of years, so I have no reason to doubt Ka'imi won't be decent. Defenses are always hit or miss. Minnesota will probably be my workhorse and I am hoping that they can show me some love this season in terms of interceptions and fumble recoveries.

I actually just made my first move and dropped the Buffalo Defense adding Houston's Defense instead

We will see how that works out for me.

Are you a fantasy football fan? What do you think of my team?


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Well good luck with the fantasy football. While I do like watching the NFL I don't understand a lot of the drafting in the fantasy league. There is a big difference in the fantasy league for Football (The real european one, where only one player is allowed to use his hands) and American Football (the one were only 2 at most players do kick the ball :)).

Will be watching a game on Sunday of I am lucky and it is broadcasted here in Belgium!


Haha, I know what you are talking about. It doesn't surprise me that there is a fantasy football (soccer) league. I don't know how they would track point since there is so little scoring. I will stick with the NFL!

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Good luck with the fantasy league but I cannot give any comments on your game I really do not follow the game at all

Thank you!

Most welcome have a good day and weekend