Bozzlife: Fantasy Football Week 1 Results

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Well the first week of fantasy football (American) is in the books and big surprise, I have been handed my first loss of the season.

I have a feeling it may be the first of many if I can't get things sorted out with my team. My opponent was @mrsbozz's older sister and for some reason she always seems to have a really solid team each year. image source

Maybe it is because her husband is a sports reporter by trade, but who knows. I think he has only won the league one year. We have been doing this for 5+ years now and sadly @mrsbozz and I have never been able to take that top spot.


Hindsight in any fantasy sport is definitely 20/20. "If I had just played this guy", is something you quite frequently find yourself saying in an empty room as you wipe away the tears of a crushing defeat.

That happened to be the case in my instance. I took a chance on Carson Wentz who really didn't come alive until the second half of the game and only gave me 25.02 points. Meanwhile Dak Prescott was sitting on my bench racking up a whopping 33.40 points. As you can see that difference wouldn't have been enough to win me the week, but it would have gotten me closer.

It is fair to say my wide receivers were altogether worthless. Minnesota played a fantastic game and their amazing defense scored me 16 points. On the other had their Wide Receiver Stefon Diggs netted me a forgettable 3.7 points. That is pretty pathetic for a first tier WR that more than 99% of people playing in the Yahoo fantasy leagues own.

Calvin Ridley from the Falcons did okay especially considering they were playing against the aforementioned defense of Minnesota. It appears that the other WR on the Falcons that my wife has was getting the majority of the touches though.

Tight ends can be hit or miss and Kelce scored me a respectable 8.8 points. I am not mad about that. I think that is pretty average for him and he will probably have some better games and some worse games through the season.


image source

My running backs did a much better job than the rest of my team. Levon Bell proved that the year off wasn't a game changer for him putting up a decent 17.20 points. My gamble on Kerryon Johnson with the Lions started off good, but just like any typical football weekend my beloved Detroit team found a way to screw things up. Johnson gave me a paltry 6.20 points.

Finally Carson from Seattle gave me an acceptable 18.10 points. The problem is my sister in laws running backs gave her a combined 65.8 points and that proved to be just to much to overcome.

Since it is only the first week, I have decided I will probably keep my team pretty much intact and see how things shake out when I face her husband next week. He snagged a win this week against my youngest brother in laws wife.

On a good note, @mrsbozz won her match up against her oldest brothers wife!!!


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Most of this is over my head not knowing the game but congrats to Mrs Bozz for the win this week and may next week be better for you

Thank you!

Most welcome :)

Always been scared of this kind of sport lol, but probably one of the most interesting ones I could watch :)

It definitely isn't my cup of tea playing wise. Watching... I could do that all day. Thank goodness fantasy football is just that... fantasy!

I would have beaten both of you although your opponent by only 6 points. I attribute this stroke of luck to not having any idea what i was doing or even who i was choosing during the draft phase. Sometimes i think an abundance of knowledge gets in the way of victory :P

You are probably right. I tend to second guess myself much more than I should. I probably would have ended up with a far better team if I had just left the pre-draft rankings alone. I am just glad my wife won. I feel responsible for her team a lot of times!

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Sorry about the loss @bozz. But your wife won which is nice. Best of luck coming week