Teams were playing a match in water

in #busylast year

Today I saw a game like football that was being played using hand in water. The most interesting thing is that I never saw this type of game before and so I spent some time there to view it. I found it was just like football game but the difference is that the players were using their hands to make goals. When I came back home, I became online to search the name of this game. It seems the name of game is water polo. However, I am not sure about it.

A game was already being played when I entered there. It seemed me interesting and so I spent some time their to understand the match.

I also captured some photos during the match. You can see them in the post. Though the game was very interesting, one would have to be bodily strong to play that game because their whole body lie under water except head. They can't touch the ball with their legs. It is played with hands.

All photos are original and taken by me.


Cool team playing cricket n water.