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Another Neemen entered through the door where Saasa walked out. His appearance was better compared to females of his race. His body, long as a beanstalk, was muscular and, at least, he didn't seem to be wearing his arms.

“Hello. I'm Dr. Toars. I will accompany you during your stay at Neemu. First of all, we'll have to go through a detailed scan of your bodies. Please follow me."

What sin did I commit that would require me to address these strange creatures instead of finding peace in Serena's arms? The God or Gods responsible for the order of the universe had to answer this question. But would they respond? Which questions have they answered for years? They were happy to watch beings like us suffer in the order they set up. I felt like a nutshell dragged from here to there by the bubbling waves and the randy wind. Of course, one day, the storm would stop, and the sea would calm. When the day of reckoning came, I would stand up against them and ask them to account for all the evil they had done.

When he saw me standing there, Oliver started dragging me after Dr. Toars. Passing long corridors, we approached the rising stairs and entered a room with high ceilings filled with glass-based machines.

”I would ask you to go into the wooden cabinet and sit in the seats inside, " said Dr. Toars.

Oliver went into the cabinet and disappeared, and I said, “I refuse to take any action.”

Dr. Toars was surprised by my reaction. He tried to convince me by saying, ”It's a routine procedure; we're just going to do imaging."

”I am not interested in your procedures; all I want is to go home, " I replied.

”We're not going to force you to do this," said Dr. Toars.

The creature that came out of the wooden cabin asked Dr. Toars, “Is this pale-faced kid giving you a hard time?” He was long-jawed like the kid who threw me in the air.

”I advise you to pay attention to your words, " I replied.

The creature turned to Dr. Toars and said, “We need to speak the language they understand with these things,” and he threw himself at me and tied my hands and feet. Then he hugged me with his long arms and started carrying me towards the cabinet. His arms were so strong that my internal organs barely exploded. I released my body by pretending to faint. He put me in the cabinet in no hurry and put me in the seat next to Oliver. He then walked away from me with a sarcastic attitude, saying, “If you behave good, you won't hurt.”

After my internal organs returned to their former location, I decided to be a well-behaved child, as the creature said. To escape Neemu, we had to gain the trust of the Neemen. I tried to calm myself by taking deep breaths while the colorful light bundles scanned my body. At the end of the scan, I was astonished that the ligaments that surrounded my hands and feet had thinned.

I severed my ties and stood up, looking at the creature waiting for the end of the screening process. The beast was on alert at any moment because he thought I could make a hostile move. I walked past him with substantial strides and got out of the cabin.

Oliver and Dr. Toars were chatting head-to-head on the high stools in the corner of the room. The tall ones were kindly, or at least they seemed to be, and since Oliver was a compliant type, there was no reason for them not to agree on normal terms, but the circumstances we were in were not normal at all.

”The results came out just as I thought they would," said Dr. Toars.

I sat on the stool next to them and asked, "Can you explain what you found?”

“It's very striking that DNA has emerged independently on different planets. Evolution goes through different streets, but it always goes into the same squares. Comets and asteroids carry the basic building blocks of life everywhere.”

“I didn't understand your words.”

"Whether life arose in water, liquid methane, or in high-energy environments, all living things have eyes over time, for example. It's like we're running full speed to a mandatory range.”

“What's the point of running if the place to go is determined?”

"Only time travelers can answer such questions.”

“How can I connect with time travelers?”

“Only if they contact you...”

“Always the same stories...”

”If we look at the event from the positive side, “Oliver said, "We can say that our horizon has expanded. Try to be positive.”

”That's what I'm trying to do," I replied.

“There was another human who came here before you.”

“When did he come?”

” About 20 years ago, a different profile, a female, " said Dr. Toars.

Serena, the only woman I'm interested in, was aboard in the spaceship Uterus. When I remembered her, my feelings of rebellion rose again, but this time, I didn't say anything.

“Why is there such a huge difference in size among Neemen?” I asked.

I thought you understood that" Dr. Toars smiled, adding, "Neemen are four-sexed."

Without trying to hide his astonishment, Oliver said, “What do you mean? I would have thought all advanced creatures were bi-gendered, " he said.

“There are beta females, beta males, alpha females, and alpha males. An alpha male interfered with Utku recently, for example. Their distinguishing characteristic is their short stature and, how I put it, their intrusive personality.”

”It was also an alpha male, who was out in the woods that threw you 30 meters away,“ Oliver said in a thoughtful voice, "but it doesn't make sense to me to assume that some individuals have different sex because of their height and personality traits," he added.

“It's not just height and personality. Minds of betas and the bodies of alphas are stronger,” explained Dr. Toars.

”How breeding happens? It's not practical for four individuals to come together for sexual intercourse," I said.

“It's enough for a female and a male to mate. Mostly alphas mate with alfas and betas mate with betas, while alpha-beta mating is not uncommon. Moreover, beta offspring can be born from alpha-alpha mating, and vice versa.”

“Do you know why your species is four-sexed?" Oliver asked.

“Neemu's atmosphere was not as calm as you once saw today. The atmosphere is now completely under control; otherwise, we would not have been able to accommodate all these various types of semi-conscious living beings in five different regions on the same planet. Our planet was always a wetland, and being tall gave us an advantage when we were over the trees. However, storms and long periods of drought, which broke high trees, were not missing. In times of drought, having a more organized body, and being able to fight well was an advantage. Because we as Neemen have such diversity, we have become the dominant species of the planet. Again, thanks to this diversity, animal breeding, and biological research can be carried out by the same race.

“You even tamed Utku. Look how well-behaved he is listening," Oliver said.

“I meant a lot more wild species; it's obvious that you are conscious creatures. I will prepare a report for the galactic coalition to take action on this issue,” Dr. Toars said.

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