Manchester United

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The red devils got a draw with Wolves and loss to Crystal Palace. This isn't funny at all for any Man Utd fan. Now we are not even sure about what will happen in our upcoming match with Southampton.

Is it too early to start judging the team? Yes it is. The season just started. But they haven't really shown any impressive display. Their victory against Chelsea is not really a big deal since Chelsea themselves are out of form.

Our manager need to push up his game. People are blaming Pogba, but I'm not going to that. The pressure seems to be much on him as he's the only one doing all job.

I really do want to see a better performance by our beloved team.

Happy Sunday friends.


Bad result. Poor management, decision, tactics by manager. Too naive.

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I'm just not happy with the results.

Likewise. Too much pressing. Not enough opportunities created. Tire the players out.

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