Zinedine Zidane was harsh with his comment!

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"We hope he leaves soon, it will be best for everyone." That was Zidane's comment on Gareth Bale after their match on Saturday.

Players are humans too, they do not have to be treated in such manner. Even if you do not want them in your team anymore, do not try to destroy their carrier with such careless comments. Do you imagine how that comment would hurt Bale?

I hope some managers learn how to treat player in a better manner, because these people have emotions too.

I wish Bale all the best as he seeks a new club.

Happy new week!

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They might have some issues or some clash, because those comment are somehow harsh

Very harsh. His manager is already making arrangements for his transfer. I wish him all the best.

Well wishes to Bale. Our destinies are more in our hands than in others.

That's true. Thanks for reading.

I agree with you, we are first of all people, and then only players, and therefore should be more humane.

That's right @magnata.

He has been treated appallingly by the Madridistas. I hope he knocks them out of the Champions League with his new club.