Actifit And Sportstalk: Another Union With Great Potential

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I was chatting with someone on discord yesterday, talking about @actifit. It was in response to the video of the interview @exyle had with @mcfarhat.

The video is worth the time to watch it.

In the video, McFarhat announced a few developments.

The first was the latest partnership with #sportstalk. Like the previous announcement regarding the ZZAN token, Actifit users will get rewarded in SPORTS also. This means that each users that achieves at least 5,000 steps in a day AND posts it via the app, will get paid in potentially 5 different tokens.

They are:

  • SP
  • SBD (if 50/50 payout is selected)
  • AFIT
  • ZZAN

This is impressive when you think about it.

During the conversation, the individual said something that really struck me. He stated "You have to be insane not to use Actifit now".

I pondered that for a while and what an accurate framing of the situation. As we enter the next generation of the Internet, being rewarded for our activities is at the core of all this. And what is more basic than being rewarded for moving around?

Another exciting feature that was mentioned, although not too many details provided, was the marketplace that will be introduced. The conversation strayed a bit on this topic so I was not totally clear but, from what I can gather, products and services will be available on the site using, presumably, AFIT as payment. This would be a major development if it comes true.

Some of the items were things such as gym memberships and sneakers such as Nike. I would guess that there is the potential to have a total online, athletic store using AFIT/STEEM as the currency.

This sounds like an amazing concept.

The fact that Actifit tied into another community shows how these different applications are thinking. Each is looking to expand its reach while rewarding as many people as possible. Stacking of tokens is certainly a thing on Steem right now and, I expect, it will continue.

A little later I am going to do a video about #sportstalk so I won't go into details right now but the union is going to enable Actifiters to find each other if they desire. We are seeing, in my view, some major features being developed on Steem. That is why these partnerships are so exciting.

Actifit did release a post covering the exact details of the deal.

Here is something that I honed in on:

Via this partnership, all actifit posts will by default include the #sportstalk tag, so basically you do not need to do any additional effort to get rewarded. Just make sure you are using Actifit, posting with a minimum of 5,000 activity, and now you will get rewarded in SPORTS in addition to AFIT tokens, STEEM upvotes, and ZZAN tokens.

Essentially, those who are using the application need to do nothing different. The tag is automatically applied to your post along with #actifit and #zzan.

Thus, in the space of a few days, we now see a couple extra tokens paid for doing the same exact activity. For those already using the application, it is a bonus.

If you are not presently using Actifit, you can download the app for your IOS and Android phones from their app stores.

Come join the over 3,500 individual who used the app and received payouts for their activities.

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How do you get the additional tokens?

Actifit actually motivates me to move it

They are all automatically tagged when you use the application.

When you hit the "post to steem", down the app there is a place to add in tags....actifit, zzan, and sportstalk are all added automatically for you.

Achieving the 5,000 minimum, will enable you to get an upvote from the Actifit main account which, of course, pays out in SP.

The AFIT are awarded to you based upon your standing according to the algorithm. It uses the number of times you completed over different intervals. I am not sure exactly how it work but all it feeds into your ranking which is on the app...based upon 100 so it will be like 40/100.

The Steem Engine based tokens are claimed on there while the AFIT are automatically awarded (can view on the app or is claims as usual.

How do you convert the afit tokens and the other 2? Do we just hodl them until they are listed on an exchange (if ever)

For SPORTS and ZZAN you can just use

Lol gotta see how much they are worth

And the zzan and sports tokens can be claimed in Steem-engine.

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Where can I sign in to claim my tokens, I assume I use my steem account to sign up for steem engine and I should have a balance of tokens I never claimed ?

I´m ready

giphy (4).gif

That's fucking awesome.. I told you Actifit would be the Dapp that would do the most.. I just collected my first ZZAN tokens today... and staked 4K SPORTS on my bot..

Let the tokens keep on stackin..

I was wondering where the ZZAN tokens came from this morning when I checked my Steem-engine! Thanks @taskmaster4450 !

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it's really good news! the Actifit user pool is such that it can bring a large number of new users to the Sportstalk Social platform!

I am an ardent Actifit user and I am happy about all these new partnerships

The tag is automatically applied to your post along with #actifit and #zzan.

Hey btw there is a new frontend that promises to be great, I wrote a post a few hours ago which I would love you to check out if you have time!!

I would love you to write about that frontend, thanks.

Steem future is unbelievable in Next years, hopefully

This might interest you @wav-dr

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