Could Sportstalk Become One Of Steem's Biggest Communities?

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The question is would you rather be a large fish in a small pond or a minnow in a giant ocean?

From a business standpoint, either can be very profitable depending upon what one is trying to accomplish.

That said, when it comes to social media, there are not too many areas that are bigger than sports. When you look at the number of fans, it gets into the billions. Of course, the money associated with it is also astronomical.


The NFL is an estimated $20 billion a year industry. Major League Baseball does an estimated $9 billion. The NBA? $8 billion.

And this is only North America. What about all those sports outside the United States such as soccer; a sport with more fans than the all the others?

In short, this is not a small pond. We are looking at the biggest of oceans. I am trying to think what is more popular than sports...gaming maybe? Movies?

Regardless of which is the biggest, we know sports is one of the most talked about topics. Most major cities, in the U.S., have a number of call in shows dedicated solely to sports. Across the Internet we see a ton of blogs set up to discuss different teams. Professional, college, hell, even high school are all on the agenda.

People love their sports.

That is why it is encouraging to see the recent "Tribe" start to form on Steem that uses #sportstalk. It designed its own token on Steem-Engine and has a site dedicated to sports. This is a great idea in my opinion and a great way to start conversations. One of Steem's basic problems has been user interaction. Commenting is rare for most posts.

What to see a lot of activity, go to a Red Sox post and mention how well the Yankees are doing. Or, open that Auburn post to comment how Alabama, under Saban, is the best college program in the country.

Either of those actions will stimulate a bit of back and forth. Of course, peace and love go out the window in those cases.

Someone asked me what it will take to get Steem going and to reverse the reputation that it has with the crypto community. My view on this is simple: it takes consistent action winning people over one at a time. This is the essence of trying to reverse a negative trend.

Sportstalksocial could be one of the main assets we have. This is something that could be leveraged to bring people on here. The Internet is full of people discussing sports already. Why not go out and target those forums and sites. Bringing a few people over each day will net tremendous results.


Because of the passion.

I witnessed it repeatedly. People will show up to their favorite sports blog each day. Listen to any sports talk show and it is many of the same people calling in on a weekly basis.

This is something that we can utilize to our advantage. Steem has the ability to become the social media home for sports. Considering how easy it is to break a group into a subgroup, nothing is better suited for this than sports.

Talk a general sports site like and watch it break down further based upon individual sport and then team.

Out of this one group, we could see hundreds of others form. Ultimately, we could strive to get every major team supported on here.

What are your thoughts on this?

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All we need now is someone to form groups for the Vancouver Canucks, Seattle Seahawks, Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Raptors, and B.C. Lions, each with their own tokens! 😃

But seriously, how can you not love the thought of potentially getting paid to talk about sports in cryptocurrency?!? It’s brilliant! I’d be shocked if it doesn’t catch on!

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We The North tokens!!!! lol

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Sounds like a great idea to me!

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I love how people immediately adopted Sportstalk as soon as it launched, because it filled a niche Steem in general didn't have that Scorum attempted to fill and if I might say so failed at doing. I really hope Sportstalk succeeds because there's a lot of passionate people there discussing sports while I'm just talking about esports :^)

Everyone has idea execution is the game

Everyone had idea and tried to do crypto exchanges and Binance proved so many people in crypto that execution is everything in business

we’ve been hosting a sunday night sports talk show for half a year now on steem.

this is the perfect platform for us. excited to see what comes of it because sports talk is the perfect avenue for all the applications we have on steem.

if sports talk social can cater to this group and attract new creators and’ll be a hit.

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I had no idea about the talk show. Awesome!
I’m aiming to be one of the top #sportstalk bloggers. I’m well on my way already 😎

I agree. It is an ideal feed in for what you are doing. There is so much potential surrounding sports and this could become a nice epicenter for it all.

Over time, there could be a group for just about every team. We could see hundreds upon hundreds form surrounding professional and collegiate teams.

Had no idea this is happening on steemit,It's not too late for my little fish to jump in, Thanks for making this happen

I just want to share my point of view

Amazon focused on Selling just Books to become everything store
Apple put iPad production on hold to focus on IPhone only

Even Our Blockchain Focused Building the STEEM Ecosystem Just Focusing blogging

I like 3Speak because they focus on Free Speech video content

I don’t quite like Share2steem’s approach because they focus is wide

I believe that focusing on one single Sport to build a solid brand and community is the best way to build sportstalk

That is true and I would agree with that.

Unfortunately, which sports or what team has enough people that are also knowledgeable about crypto. There is still that barrier out there no matter what we try. The Facebook thing will start to get people educating themselves about it.

What is sorely needed is a better way to search and create sub-communities within the broader area. So far, we do not have this. If the site could be divided into the sports with more than just a tag, that could also serve the same purpose you propose.

We are very grateful for this community because it fits our niche, we hope to see it thrive and prevail. #Sports is amazing ⚽

Finally! There is a huge need for this type of community on the steem blockchain. Sports lovers finally have a place to share their passion for the sport.

I have to agree that this may grow leaps and bounds! Already on it with a Nike post!!!Thanks for sharing!!

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I see new platforms/frontend coming up on Steem blockchain on a regular basis. SportsTalkSocial focusses on something that is unique. People love sports. They can spend hours talking about it. And this would be the perfect place for hanging out with like-minded people.

I found this article informative, so upvoted and resteemed! :)

Welcome to Sports talk @taskmaster4450 , thanks for giving the tribe some great publicity. Its good here, get some beer tokens and some sports tokens and we're all happy.......just need Peanut tokens and Steem would be perfect ;-)

I think to become one of the three major communities is not only the number of users, but also the price of platform tokens. The price of currency is too low. Many users are impatient and naturally do not play.
It would be a good thing if it could be, provided the token price goes up first.

Yes i think sportstalk because a biggest community .

You are so on point with this post. I’ve been enjoying SportsTalkSocial tremendously. Not just bc of the payouts either.

I’m enjoying sports again for the first time in 5 years thanks to the #sportstalk tribe. I’ve been dropping daily articles on there since it’s launched. Loving it!

Yes right sportstalk is a big community.

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Sport and crypto do not blend much. Adding social media and you have a recipe for success when all they talk about is sport.
Glad steem blockchain will handle much more.
This brand has potential that will go a long way.

I’ve seen the ulog community start blogging about sports. I hope they work together, there is strength in numbers.

The question is not "could it be?" but "when will it be?" the biggest tribe! I am quite sure of that!

I haven't seen who is behind this project, or information about tokens distribution. Who is starting with what? How much do the funders/moderators holds. On Steem Engine the supply of tokens is huge?

Maybe I missed the post where this was explained.

Otherwise sports is huge and have a great potential.

Thanks :)

I would love for it to be.... i just wish it would decentralize its authority

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You are a good seller pal. Hopefully we're going to thrive.

Good Morning Sportstalk

I think it is possible.

But we all have to work hard for that

Best regards


People will show up to their favorite sports blog each day.

You had me on this, I visit Dailymail sports each and every other day just to stay updated on the latest sports news!!!

Let us hope sportstalk picks up and attracts a big user base soon. If the prices of Steem increase, it will FOMO and people will find the sports niche here as their home!!

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I could see #Sportstalk becoming huge! Just among the current Steem users I see oddles of sports posts when I am curating for eSteem. I love soccer and being a Wisconsinite I have to say GO PACKERS!

I can immagine, if fast onboarding works with the community sites. OMG that would be so huge.

Think about, if in normal social Media ( and forums) people talk about "Sportstalk" and co (organically) . There would be masses interested to get an account. Talk about there favourit niche and earn some Tokens.

Maybe we should get a fund for this communities for fast onboarding( maybe some RC delegation).

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