Entry: "What does TODAY, October 31, 2019, Mean to ME? - #ccc 2.21"

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Thursday - October 31, 2019 - Halloween Day or...


6 am
I wake up. I had a very short night.


Reason... I went to sleep at 2 am after posting
Cold case (E)/ Kalter Fall.

I feel better as expected.

I leave a short Halloween-hallo on socializing.online.
One of the members made me wiser yesterday. It is not a brake cylinder I need but a caliper.
I wrote back to a Dutch (?) site what I need. They keep answering me in English. Are stupid too or blind. Think my family name is my first name. Why they answer in English if I write Dutch? Very annoying if it comes to carparts and info they ask for information I don't have.

7 am
I write and translate two posts for WordPress and Yoo.rs.
I read some blogs, commented and answered some comments and private messages.

I am clearly not the only one on a Diet. If it comes to losing weight I am doing well.

The kids feed the wolves, no one washes the dishes there isn't much.

By the way @freedomshift answered my SE questions. I am happy. I learned something.

1 pm
I have to pay the electricity bill. They sent two I paid both. A gift for the ambulance too for driving me and my kid up and down this summer. 👍🏻

The youngest needs to buy a present for December 5th. December 5th is Sint Nicholas day and we will celebrate that day with presents (that is what pocket money is for). Now we all are ready for the big day. The whatsapp daughter will take care of the special candies and cookies.

3 pm
We are back home.
Tea time (always if we come back home).

It is grey and nearly dark outside.
We watch a video of mr. Bean (the Christmas one). Very funny and I love to see how he makes this day great for himself (and Teddy of course).

I answer a bit via Steemreply.

We use the gas heater. It is cold inside. Wonder if the free firewood will ever arrive but at this time I will not use the woodstove. We still suffer from allergies.


I don't know what time it is..

After I put on the kettle and sat down I felt "sleepy" and am hardly able to speak and what I said did not come out clear.
I hardly made it to my bed and the bus-kid brought me tea. He checked me out two hours later.

At that time I am still not able to speak. There is nothing wrong with my mind, the clear thinking is fine. I have no idea how to change it. The spot on my head hurts, my neck does the only thing I can do is give up and sleep.

This is what my day, October 31, 2019 was like. It started fine. I felt great and ended as a speechless heap not able to do anything. I intended posting on Steem but could not lift a finger.

Never say it cannot get any worse, believe me it can.

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Sounds like a very tough day indeed! Sorry to hear it was so hard.

Sounds like a very
Tough day indeed! Sorry to
Hear it was so hard.

                 - musicvoter

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

You did a fine thing
Detecting these lines so fast

Look @musicvoter!

As soon it is over I forget. The over just does not last very long which is more problematic and makes it hard to plan. Happy day for you. 💕

@wakeupkitty How are you doing? Not being able to speak is scary, I hope you got better, if not maybe you should see a doctor.

It scared me too... It comes and leaves, it is not the first time. I mentioned, they scanned my head and more and could not find anything.

My daughter thinks I might be really tired and since I live on my reserve battery for a long it might shut me of from one second to another. Perhaps it is caused too because of dehydration?
After the weekend the kids go back to school nd I try to rest a bit more, back to bed at 11 am or?
I need a new appointment for bloodtests this or next month. Thank you for asking. I will be in bed within the next hour. 😘💕

@wakeupkitty I have very bad dehydration, too. I try to drink more liquid but it never seems to be enough. I hope you get the rest you need.

Perhaps you have Sjögren syndrome too. It is a very common auto immune disease

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@wakeupkitty I have never heard of Sjögren syndrome, I will google it.

Do it, it is an very common auto immune disease, in short you have a lack of bloody fluid. Dry eyes, dry mouth, dry skin, dry inside your nose, over tired all symptons and there are more.

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@wakeupkitty I do have a lot of these symptoms but not all

You do not need to have all of them to have the disease. Some say they suffer most from being tited. I suffer most from a dry mouth and nose. I am used to my dry skin since I am a baby. I think I have more problems since this summer. I try to drink more, use more cream, chew gum etc and hope it won't get worse. 💕

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Es una lastima que te sientas tan mal, y no puedas terminar de escribir tus ideas. Te deseo lo mejor. Yo no celebro halow...

Nosotros tampoco lo celebramos. Leí una encuesta al respecto. Ni siquiera el 7% celebró. Mi salud es lo que es y tengo que trabajar con ella. Quien sabe pronto. Acabo de escribir una parte de una historia. Estoy feliz con eso. Abrazos. 💕

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