I'd like to get actifit on eos and telos

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Please @actifit people contact me and we could get funding for an amazing walking GPS reaards network with @challangedac on eos and we can get @sportstalksocial involved and we can get an exclusive telos dapp for actifit to get funding for something that allows steemians to all get on telos cross chain and get rewarded for an amazing social network of challa ges and sports activities races etc

I hope actifit can sponsor global races on the blockchain using #challangedapp #challangedac which uses eosio and GPS smart contracts to allow people to reward each other for let's say finishing a race on time for example.

We can do all sorts of amazing stuff with actifit on telos so I hope this seeds the idea

Come to telos chat https://t.me/hellotelos and get 1 free telos token just post your telos username after downloading the free telos wallet https://sqrlwallet.io



Welcome to @actifit might be best to talk with @mcfarhat as he is the main one involved with making @actifit.

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hey @ackza
As @j85063 mentioned, feel free to contact me on actifit discord

I will! and i have big plans to keep having my friends like @citimillz promote @challengedac to @actifit users by continuing airdrops, for a token we have real people with real money and family business vibes powering it, I really see a lot of cool things happening with the future of steem and fitness dapps., @actifit @sportstalksocial and @challengedac can all work together as the DPOS athletics team of crypto :)