ChallengeDac Curation Season 1.0

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Download the ChallengeDac App now and create an account. Make a Steemit Post about it and get a $1 Upvote from the @challengedac Curation account. Challengedac is Set to put smiles on the faces of Steemians. Make Sure to use the #challengedac or chl tag for easy sorting. Drop Screenshot of your Challengedac username as proof of task on your post. Then you are good to go.

When done with your post, you can comment 'Done' on the comment section of this post to have 100 CHLP sent from me to your steem-engine wallet.

ChallengeDac dapp is an App used to create and also fulfill time sensitive tasks for Crypto Rewards. With the dapp, you can Challenge a friend to carry out a exercise task for example at a particular location and they unlock their rewards after they have completed the task.
Challenge app is based on the EOSIO technology and is available on Newdex as CHL and on the Steemit Blockchain as CHLP (pegged).

Use these links to download the App


Trade CHL on @newdex-io:
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Twitter: @challengedac
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Done! :D go up

cool ill go upvote also @citimillz can soon give out 10,000 CHL or about 30 cents, around 30,000 CHl is $1 so we will soon get 100,000 and for a day we do 10 peopel who get 10k CHL, so 100K total, i wanna od that for 1 week and get a large groupof bag holders we can get people to promoet for us and really make the app worth checking out as twe have more and more users.