I Am Tipping Steemians 7000 ChallengeDac (CHL) Tokens Via Steem-engine And Discord

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Good Day Sports-Loving Steemians!

Heard of the trending fitness dapp called @challengedac? If not, I must tell you that this special fitness dapp has it's own token which is Steem and EOS based. I will be tipping Steemians in the @actifit and @sportstalk tribes the CHL tokens as i introduce this smart dapp to those of us who are yet to know about it.

ChallengeDac is a Global blockchain fitness social network dapp which is being operated with a token called CHL on Newdex and CHLP on steem-engine. This very dapp gives way for users to challenge each other in order to undergo fitness exercises and earn CHL. Sounds fun right? Here is what the dapp looks like:)


Challenges are created for a person or a group of people City wide as-well-as Nationwide to get paid to do fitness tasks. GPS and time codes will be used to carry out the challenges. Companies can also pay users to show up in spots in a kind of snapchat concept and earn the CHL tokens. People are challenged to do exercises or racing events that will help them loose weight while being paid for it. A Bluetooth scale feature will be available soon for users to confirm if they have lost weight so they get paid. Users will also be able to view other users who are geographically closest to them. Would it not be fun getting paid to be physically fit?

The ChallengeDac app is available on android and iOS app store which is working currently. EOS and Steem technology is what is being used on this dapp. Also, the soon to be launched version 4.0 comes with more mouth-watering features.

Join their official telegram here:) https://t.me/Challenge_dac
and ask @chaceeskam about the roadmap.

I am currently tipping Steemians who are fond of using actifit and sportstalk tribes CHLP tokens on both Steem-engine and discord.



It will be worth a fortune in future so now is the best time to invest by staking all tokens within our tribes a total of 6000 CHLP and @challengedac just added 1000 CHLP to the bounty making it 7k. SAND tokens will soon be added to the list of tokens users will get paid with once they have completed a challenge.

Trade CHL Here:)
@newdex-io https://newdex.io/trade/challengedac-chl-eos

or @steem-eng https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=CHLP
This is the official ChallengeDac website
Reddit account: https://www.reddit.com/r/ChallengeDac



This is extremely brilliant and am happy to be part of the circle of people and groups interacting to make these initiatives possible. Rep your crew ;)

A big thanks for acknowledging and repping ma'am! For certain, this is the new face of dapp technology.

usually I don't uv on both accounts but am this time to give ya a lil' pumparoo


AVAST me' hearty, how be ye


Im sending you more CHLp but will u promise not to sell it? Its a good project and local so its like, i know the people on the ground, less risk that way ya know? and they already had success and this was like part business part dream hobby passion project for the founder Kent, and his son is the cto makin teh dapp and his daughter is gonna help dop marketing molly eskam she got million followers, IG model, whenever she jumps in to promote CHL things will get crazy, because this guy has his whoel family on board and is very proud of it in his videos always mentioning it :D And his youtube channel has a following because he is out theer on the grind making eos related videos lol i need to help him formalize his videos into an eos news where he can have an anchor go over news about eos and he can call in and gert interviews over the phone so his rants and talks seemmore like interviews packaged oon a news show :)

image.png Please share some with @reverendrum
its niot much but i plan on getting CHl to $1 and yes that means a multi billion dollar market cap but IMAGINE every gym on earth paying its people CHL to come work out or to do live events i mean a global fitness dapp could be worth billions

I won't sell but you gotta keep reminding me or keep staked because I've got like 20 billion things going at once and there are only 24 hours in a day.
plus am networked like a damn spider web and you know this....mang! :P

price is tankin' AVAST, will see how it all goes
no idea,,,,,gotta catch up on the ten million bazillion other things when I get any motivation, G'day and may the winds of luck be with ye on yer travels on them salty seas

please keep going and i will see if youc an become a permanent mermber getting a very small starting payment of like, whatever we can afford at sand and CHL, maybe for sand i can give you 1 steem a day to start ok? and all i need is like 1 post a day, maybe more tips as i go and steem upvotes as your bonus?> u knwow hat i mean/ whgere u get paid for doingw hat u alrteayd do i just make sur ei get a bare minmumum , but u will make all ur money in tips or upvotes lol

i wannaamke sure u get comepnsated more later butf or now lets se ewwhat we can do with UPVOTES i know @thejohalfiles may have sopme SP to use or @stellabelle may have sp i nee dto ask them

thanks man! you're a friend indeed.

Cool concept, I can’t wait to have fun in the app

Upvoted resteemed if i could buy u an upvote i wouldi can ask @bleepcoin @stallebell if they have any SP or @reggaemuffin or @cryptoctopus or @thejohalfiles or lets see i never tag whales anymroe but iu should ud eserveit man

ill just ask @challengedac and @chaceeskam to help us buy soem Delegation for challengedac and upvote people like you at least 10 cents to 50 to $1 i think for liek 1400 steem like $100 or whatever in steem we can get enuf delegation on https://dlease.io for $1 upvotes or maybe tahst 50 cents but still we need it , im gonna ask

Gracias man! Anything we do, we do it big. Let's push it to the limit!