I Am Tipping Steemians Who are making Fitness Posts Over 6000 ChallengeDac Tokens

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I am currently promoting the @challengedac token on Steemit and have over 6000 of the tokens to Tip Steemians who are currently using fitness Tribes such as sportstalk and actifit to make posts. ChallengeDac is a Global blockchain fitness social network that has a token which is already on @steem-engine as CHLP and on Newdex as CHL.
@ackza recommends Steemians to get in on this project early and stake up every CHL they can lay their hands on. We are currently putting immense effort to making the CHL popular and we want the App to get used to as many people as possible.
The project will consist of fitness challenges where Steem fitness tribe users will have to undergo fitness challenge events and earn CHL tokens. The aim of this dapp is to create challenge for groups of people city wide or nationwide for doing fitness exercises. Firms and companies will sponsor this fitness challenges and pay users to show up to places in a kind of Snapchat concept. Users can challenge each other to activities that will help them loose weight or do racing events. There is also an idea of a Bluetooth scale where users take a photo everyday to confirm if they have lost weight from the challenge fitness and if they have lost weight through the challenge fitness they get paid for it.

I just tipped some Steemians on @actifit and @sportstalk CHLP today


In due time, users will be able to view users who are geographically closest to them through the CHLP dapp.
This is what the future ChallengeDac app will look like:)


Visit their Telegram:) https://t.me/Challenge_dac and chat up @chaceeskam to learn about their roadmap. CHL has an app on android and iOS app store currently working. GPS and time codes are what it uses to carry out the fitness challenges. It is also part of the plan that users will be asked to do fitness activities like hiking, biking, etc and be rewarded some CHL. DPOS EOS technology and Steem will be used for it's promotion.

Very Soon, Sandiego tokens will be added to the challenge and Users carrying out the fitness challenges will be paid in SAND tokens. This will be a great way to organize community events in the Sandiego area.

Trade CHL Here:)
@newdex-io https://newdex.io/trade/challengedac-chl-eos

or on @steem-eng https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=CHLP
This is the official ChallengeDac website
Reddit account: https://www.reddit.com/r/ChallengeDac
Discord: https://discord.gg/V9GVtuJ



Nice update from you about Chalengge, I will immediately check and get the application ... smile

Challenge dapp is the evolution of Blockchain fitness social media. Thanks for stopping by! @helmibireuen

Good Work! Stay in touch on the telegram to get more news! https://t.me/challengedac Here is another 2000 CHLp keep half, use half to promote more :)

Many thanks! Team @challengedac I believe your token has essential capacity and positive potential and is worth investing in.

Great job man... You are really doing great for the blockchain...

A million thanks ma'am. I appreciate!

This sounds like a great dapp for us actifitters!

Absolutely ma'am. You got that right! @blueeyes8960

upvoted and resteemed for this amazing support of @challengedac and @chaceeskam who really deserves our support, as they are not only Local San Diego based BUt also integrated into steem with CHLp.

That is the Excellent part.

Awesome promotion man good job, upvoted and resteemed, @challengedac could be really fun to create challenges to get people to just ... signup for steem! :)

heres 1 steem to support you and your CHL promotions!



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Thanks for doing this man! Keep it up and maybe we can make you a challengedac promoter and when CHL is worth a lot more, payouts in CHl will mean a lot.

Lets help them make new graphics for @challengedac and help them create new media. if you make some graphics good enough using new logo style and colors they may use it and pay some chl, we need videos to show people how they can immediately start using it. I think SURVEYS may be something simple to challenge people to do lol but in real life for GPS we could use... something like a yoga class... see what i mean?

Okay man. I get it!
Let's talk on Telegram then.

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