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Earlier Today, I decided to hit one the biggest gym's in the whole city called "The Las Vegas Athletic Club" (haven't been at this gym in months). 🏋

The Las Vegas Club is very popular because the monthly membership is only around $16/Month while other shitty gyms are much more expensive around $30-$40/Monthly.

With the membership being so cheap and having every single workout machine you can think of, It's not the best place to get in shape for many reasons.

This place is usually freakin' packed with tons of young "meat heads" from shoulder to shoulder taking all the weights. 🤦

I just realized something, I became that "Old Guy" at the gym that I never wanted to become. HAHA

Shit, time does fly... I remembered like it was yesterday when I first started to go to the gym at the of age 18.

WTH, I've been working out (on and off) for over 24+ freaking years?! SHESSSSH! If you know basic math, you can probably guess my age. 😉

Even though this place is filled with tons of 20-30 year olds, I still somewhat fit in! I look younger than most of these young bucks!

Pretty damn hilarious to me. 😂

I just wanted to share this with all of you on what I was thinking about while taking this selfie. LOL

When will I stop going to the gym? In my 50's? 60's? 80's? Probably never... the only time I'll give it up is when I'm probably 6 feet under. 😅

Keep On STACKIN! ..... Until You're Dead!!

~ Charles Fuchs

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Yeah!!! 😁 Love it! You are looking pretty jacked! The warm weather treats you good!! Keeping the ol' guy young ❤💪🌲🌳🍃

I wish I was jacked, I’m only 150 lbs haha

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Youre not that “old guy” until you look out of shape, have a big beer belly and talk to the young kids like “when i was your age, I used to bench press 400 lbs for reps!”

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Oh shit, the other day I told my nephews I use to dunk a basketball when I was their age! I’m old as fuck lol

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Hahaha!!! Stay young at heart, @stackin!!! Guess what???? Guess where I am heading??? My flight is at 9:45pm, waiting at pre departure area right now!!!

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Heading to the White House to talk to trump about silver and crypto? 😂😂🙌🏼

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Did that in June!!! LV!!!!

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And about to depart! On airplane mode in a sec!!!

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And that was a disappointing gym selfie...

You had ONE JOB. One.

May bad, creepy men were looking at me when I took the pic. I’ll do better next time 😂😂😂

Haha 😂 perhaps it was just a modest selfie 🤳

Yeah, Father Time has a way of creeping up on you and before you know, you are the old guy..... it's all good, science just might find a way to stall Father Time.

It’s might be to late for me for science to save me lol

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Not being racist but...you are asian you not getting old till you like 90.

Also young peoples musik is stupid...it is good to be old and even better being old and look young

This was a racist comment jk jk 😂. I’m half German lol I’m wondering why my full asian friends my age look old as hell 😂

you speak german? other half is vietnamese, right?

I wish I can but can’t. Was born in Seoul korea 😬

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Poor Charles is all fat and now is old too!😥😂and even doesn't have a Splinterlands' card of himself😢

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I would love a stackin card! I need to talk to the splinterlands team 😂

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where is your gym steem shirt?😂

6 months ago I went with the alphalete gym shirts, they make my guns look bigger 😅

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If you can lift more than your body weight and still get college chicks you aren't old. You are just BOSS!

OH SHIT! I'm a 42 year old BOSS THAN! HAHAHAHA

This is really funny, how time really flies. We can't be young forever but let's keep stacking until we are dead. Cheers!

I’m trying to reverse Father Time haha

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Stackin and Rackin then! Your not too old for the gym, who’s going to show these young dudes some OG moves? 💪🏻😎

Rocky Style lol

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Lol that was Rocky style....nothing wrong with that haha. Great article man, so funny how we can suddenly see the world around us so differently.

PS - love Vegas as well! Such a freaking cool place, great hotels, great facilities and good prices, where else can I get free freshly made omelette for breakfast? 🍳👍🏼

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