Rhythms of Life is a London-based homelessness charity that provides assistance and support to vulnerable groups

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A homeless charity in London that helps the homeless was founded in May 2008 in Hackney
They help those sleeping in harsh conditions on the streets of London. Volunteer and support to improve the lives of the homeless and support for vulnerable groups They provide free hot meals daily to beneficiaries throughout the year

VIDEO: MAX THURLOW:https://rhythmsoflife.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/DOC-ROL.mp4

With invaluable assistance and a donation that helps support and everything they need, providing them with a place where they can feel welcome. We hope this will continue helping the homeless and bring them joy, hope and feel strong thanks to the support of their wonderful team.

And saving life from feeding more effectively, Rhythms of Life has provided more than 300,000 hot meals, their team, struggling individuals, and the poorest neighborhoods who live on the streets.
And everyone deserves a second chance to rebuild their life Thank you

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