Chelsea set to secure their first win against Norwich city.

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The new manager at the blue's team has not had a good start so far. After securing only one point in the two games played by chelsea, Frank Lampard the Chelsea's new coach might have to reshuffle a few things up.

It should be noted that as season is just starting you can be convinced of making up for all the teams bad start later in the season but in very many circumstances that rarely happens. It is becoming increasingly had to secure the top four position if they don't start well this season.

I doubt if Chelsea are hoping for the best start especially when they are still having striker problems a problem that has been tormenting the team for quite a long time now. Tammy Abraham as a new replacement failed to deliver which led to him being dropped against the Leicester match,though he is on the first eleven for the Norwich city match it's still quite not clear if he the one who will be able to net the balls for the Blues. We shall see Pulisic,Emerson, Willian, Jorginho among others. Mason Mount as one of Frank Lampard's favorites will appear since he had a great start.
Abraham Tammy is yet to settle, it's still early.

The Squad is still intact and the blues are hoping for their first three points against Norwich city.


Hopefully later it will do better, a shame having players of such good quality: c

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