Chess Boxing Anyone?

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Chess Boxing.jpg
And you thought I was kidding.

I thought I would write about something I have no clue about and something bizarre. I Googled worlds craziest sports and came up with Chess Boxing. Talk about two opposites and sports which don't exactly go together or you wouldn't think so anyway.

The sport was invented in 2003 by a Dutchmen Lepe Rubingh and he must have been drunk or high on drugs at the time. This is how it works as it is straightforward as we are dealing with boxers and not masters of the chess board. Why didn't someone tell me about this before as there must be a sport we are all good at and have to find it lol.
Looks like you would have to survive grandpa in the chess to knock him out in the ring.

Here are the rules. There are 6 rounds of chess and 5 rounds of boxing. Each round lasts 3 minutes and they alternate between the chess board and the ring. You can be knocked out by losing the chess and physically knocked out in the boxing. It kind of intrigues me enough to watch, but it sounds insane.


There are time penalties in the chess in order to stop cheating. A player can't take his time in the chess hoping to knock his opponent out in the ring. You can lose due to taking too long making a move playing chess. That wrecked my plan and obviously someone tried that method.

There are certain requirements to compete for a world championship. A player needs to be ranked in the top 1600 of Elo. Apparently a way of calculating someones skill in zero sum games such as chess and also you need to have a minimum of 50 amateur rounds of boxing under their belt. I had no idea that chess players were so aggressive, but then again they don't exactly look like chess players either.

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Lol, I've been planning to write about crazy sports and have a list but this was not on my list. 😲 Good God! This is indeed crazy!

ha :)

That is exactly what I thought. Good to see you.

Good grief. Just when you think you have seen everything. I suppose it should always be remembered that there are far more mental things out there than we could possibly imagine!

The world has gone crazy. If someone asked me about chess boxing I would think they were talking shit. It is a thing though and the nutters want to take it to the Olympics.

The Olympics has, that is mad. You couldn't make it up!!

No you really couldn't. What next. I am sure I could think of a few though as this is nuts.

Hats off to the people that come up with this madness though they have a very fertile imagination!

This sport is kind of funny am just knowing this for the first time

Don't worry I was also shocked when I saw this.

Very intriguing...what a sport ..

Chess is one of the best game, and it really a perfect exercise for your brain.

One question out of topic:
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This really does look like a much more dangerous drinking game. Maybe they were trying to prove that boxers are much more than just mindless meatheads. It is hard to say...

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Wow this is a great find sir cryptoandcoffee! lol..and it must not have an age limit either, this is really crazy but could catch a fair amount of followers because it's so bizarre!