Want to see something different? :::: Mostar's Cliff Diving World Series

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Human beings and our desire to experiment, never cease to amaze me. We embark on activities and sports that can even be deadly.

Directly from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Red bull sponsors the world's Cliff Diving series.

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Photo: Cliffdiving Redbull

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Beauty, talent and skills

Right on Mostar’s famous Start bridge. A UNESCO world heritage we could witness how these athletes fought each other for the first place.

To be honest I wasn't aware of these competitions but the site is totally beautiful and the energy and support people seem to bring to the place is amazing.

I also noticed that red bull supports so many nice sports like Rap/freestyle and Skateboarding and they have been at it for years now, they have put themselves in a position of privilege, they made themselves worthy by being leaders and pioneers on having the eye to sponsor sports that nobody would give a chance.

Want to see it for yourself?

Captura de pantalla 2019-08-27 a la(s) 01.43.39.png

Let's go

Whats your opinion? Do you like these events?

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wow, how amazing this is, personally I wouldn't throw haha.

I had no idea that there were competencies as extreme as this.

Thank you for letting me know and know this that has surprised and amazed me.

One question would you dare to launch?


Yeah I wouldn't jump but I would do skydive or bunjee jump.

These jumps are not suitable for anyone, they are only for those who have well-placed pants and techniques for the correct jump.

Yeah one mistake and you could die but personally I dint think it is that hard. For example I consider MMA harder.