Biggest Self Defense Myth

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Sometimes the truth does not look good, but that's the fact. You are learning martial art and form an image that this is going to happen in a street fight. As a matter of fact, you don't know how you are going to be attacked.

Most of the time, you might face a surprise attack. When someone attacks you suddenly with a surprise, you are not ready for it. You might get freeze for a while as a natural reaction.

You spend a lot of time doing high kicks, that's nice. But there are situations where you cannot get enough space to raise your leg and kick. The attacker is very close to you. So what do you do? Hold the attacker until the referee comes and disengages you. Nope, there is no referee, no rules.

You can use your elbow, knee to strike when you are in close range. Maybe you are sitting on a chair and get attacked that time, you might not get the time to get up from the chair, let alone stand and take a position in a fighting stance.

If you really want to learn self defense, you have to be practical. There is no magic or any magic formula. If you want to be aware of some real-life attacks and situations, you can watch this video. Otherwise, just ignore it.

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Yeah, that's true, my reaction whenever there's an unsual things happened sorrounds me I suddenly freeze for a short time, and many things running on my mind.

That's a natural reaction. Even when someone punches, you step backward as a natural reaction to defend yourself. When you know and practice that you can move to the side and counter-attack, you do that in that situation.

Thank you so much @shula14 for reading this post and giving your feedback! Really appreciate that!

Hey @rezoanulvibes. I video curated you post. Raising manual curation to a new level, I hope you enjoy it my friend!

You can also check it on Dtube.

Thank you so much @neri0x for your initiative to curate content and talk about it on the video. That's a great initiative to support content creators.

Wish you all the best!