Can You See The Punch Coming?

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We talk about how to defend yourself in a fight for self defense. If you are a martial art instructor or a student, let me ask you a question.

Can you see the punch coming when someone punches you?

Please feel free to share your experience. Frankly speaking, if you say, yes or say no, both are correct. If you are fighting in a fighting competition, your opponent is in a fighting stance and hands up. You know he can throw a punch any time. You are prepared to face that.

Can You See The Punch Coming.jpg

On the other hand, if you are in a fight on the street, you cannot expect them to stand in a nice fighting stance and punch you like a PRO. Somehow if that person has some background about fighting, that's exceptional. People punch you out of nowhere. If you have ever faced a situation like this, you know exactly what it looks like.

When someone is in a fighting stance, it is easy to see the punch. You see the hands up and movement of the hands. And you are used to doing that if you do martial art.

When someone is not in a fighting stance and just talking to you, you do not know what's in his mind. You can observe him and guess what is about to happen. If suddenly a punch is coming, probably that punch will land on your face. Since it is difficult to see, there is less chance to respond to it quick enough to defend that.

So what's the point of learning martial art and self defense if you do not see the punch and are unable to defend yourself?

A punch can definitely hurt you. Then what? Are you finished?

If you learn martial arts and think a punch never hits you in a street fight, you are living in an imaginary world, my friend. Even you are getting hit, you can fight back and defend yourself against the next attack. Don't assure that the attacker throws a punch, then the game is over. They will still move on and try to hurt you.

You can adapt to the situation and make your moves to defend yourself so that you can get back home alive. In order to defend yourself against a punch on the street, don't get too close to the opponent. Make a distance. If he punches you, he has to move forward, you can see the movement and you have a better chance to defend yourself.

And never underestimate your opponent when you fight for self defense. Thank you so much for reading this. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

Take care. See you around!

Source and Video Credit: Master Wong


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Love to see more of punches coming :) I want to fight someone now to test it out.