Can You Use Your Clothes Against Your Opponent For Self Defense?


How you observe the situation and react to it can change the whole thing when it comes to self defense. Attackers can attack you in different ways. Sometimes we see people grab other's clothes and pulling. The attacker can grab the collar of your shirt and punch you.

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Someone grabs the collar of your shirt and you grab his collar of the shirt. So how can you end this in a better way and use your clothes against the attacker? We are going to talk about this. So please keep reading.

When someone grabs the collar of the shirt and punches you, first defend that punch so that you do not get hit. Then you can make your next move. Safety for yourself always comes first.

You usually feel uncomfortable in this situation. You do not like someone grabbing your shirt, do you? Maybe that's a new shirt that you bought yesterday. ;)

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In this situation, you might think he is in control because he grabs your shirt and can move you here and there. Now think in a different way. If someone grabs your shirt with his both hands, that means his both hands are already engaged. But you have two free hands. And you can do a lot of things.

As a defense, grab his hands. Then it would be difficult for him to move you here and there. Now you can turn his hand, hyperextend and apply pressure. It is going to be painful and he cannot grab you tightly. You can easily release his hands from your collar.

Someone grabs your shirt, it can be a trap for him. You have a lot of options. You can use your clothes against the attacker. As long as he grabs the collar of your shirt, he is in close range. You can do palm strike, hammer fist, elbow strike, hit his legs and so on.

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If you just want to teach him a lesson, you can grab his hand, lock his wrist or hand. Now he is not going anywhere. He can feel tremendous pain depending on how much pressure you put on his hand. You can let him go if you think he will not hurt you anymore. Whether he attacks you or not, one thing for sure, that is, he will think twice before attacking you in the future.

As I said at the beginning of this post, your observation and reaction can change the whole thing. If someone is just messing around and grabs the collar of your shirt. You do not want to hurt him pretty bad. You just let him know not to mess around in front of you. So use reasonable force to strike for self defense.

Hope you will find this vido useful.

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