Defense Against Headbutt

in combat •  last year  (edited)

If someone kicks you, you can defend that. If someone punches you, you know what to do. So what about headbutt?

Defend against punches.jpg

Headbutt is when someone attacks you with the top of his head. Someone has to be in the close range in order to headbutt you. He cannot headbutt you in a kicking range.

So distance is an important factor here. When someone headbutts you, keep your hands up, and control the head before getting hit. You can put your hand on the neck of your opponent in order to control.

What says in this video, I have a little different opinion. It says to keep your head down, and when the guy headbutts you, it hits on your head.

Keeping your chin down is good. It would be difficult to attack your throat if you keep your chin down. But getting hit with the head when someone headbutts you is not a good choice. Of course, if you are used to doing something like that, that would be different.

In case your opponent is shorter than you are, you can hit on your chest or stomach with his headbutt. It will not be on your head. So what other options do you have to defend yourself against headbutt?

You can stay away from close range and keep the distance. If you are able to make the distance between you and your opponent, he cannot headbutt you from there. If he determines to headbutt you, he has to come closer to do that. And you can do a lot of things maintaining the distance.

Dr. Mark Phillips is a great instructor. I respect him. He is putting out content that is awesome.

So what do you think what to do to defend against headbutt? Please feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this.

Take care. See you around!

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the reflexes should be quick and responsive and one can learn to master that while practising them another great video ot learn some cool things thanks for sharing this keep sharing more i am learning a lot

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